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Vox StompLab 1B Modeling Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

Vox StompLab 1B Modeling Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

The Vox StompLab 1B features an intuitively designed interface that organizes its 60+ bass-guitar effects into easy-to-read genre specific categories.

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Submitted February 23, 2014 by Adam F
"Vox SL 1B"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I bought it mainly for a portable headphone amp and its awesome at that. I can even plug it in to my car stereo with a 1/4" to 3.5mm adapter, so that's cool for practice on lunch breaks at work, would recommend it for that if it did nothing else. You can get some good sound out of it through an amp as well. I don't really care for to many of the preset sounds, but you can create your own sounds and store them in 20 different user channels. I'll do a quick rundown of the effects: [Pedals]; compressor, exciter, fixed wah, auto wah, octave, acoustic (tone), (something called) u-vibe, tone (my favorite clean or dirty), and a ring mod. //////// [Amp/Drive]; 7 different clean, 3 overdrives, 4 distortions, and 4 fuzz. //////// [Cabinets]; there are 12 different cabs like 4 10"s, metal 4 10"s, 4 12" etc. They pretty much just change the tone a little, I don't really use them. /////// [Modulation]; 2 chorus, flanger, phase, twin tremolo, rotary, pitch shift, and filtron auto and manual. ///////[Delay]; 4 analog and 4 echos.//////[Reverb] 3 reverbs //////// a [noise reduction] that actually does work and is a good thing cause it needs it.////// and a master volume.////// the bad thing is that you can only use one effect at a time from each category. So anyway don't expect to get the sound out of all of these effects that you would get out of a designated pedal for each effect. Some are better than others, but it is much more easy than caring around a huge pedal board. To sum it up, it's a jack of all trades master of none. Its awesome for a headphone amp and has a few useful effects, if your looking for that, buy it. Maybe you're looking for something to play around with (it has the ability to make some cool funk and dubstep tones, FUN!) then buy it. If your wanting to use it gigging, be careful, it's doable but you gotta spend some time setting it up. If your wanting an awesome certain effect pedal, you may want to look into a designated pedal for the effect your looking for.I like it, and would buy it again if something happened to it. Just know what your getting.
You can get some good sound out of it if you play around with it. My favorite is the tone "pedal" with or without distortion. the distortions are ok, not great, but not terrible.
It has some useful features and some not so useful features, It just depends on what your looking for.
Ease of Use
Its pretty straight forward, read the instructions on how to set up user sounds and play around till you make some you like.
only had it a few weeks, seems good though, just be careful when your changing the batteries, it exposes the circuit board and in order for the batteries to be super secure its a pain to change them. (4 AAs, good batteries last around 6-8 hrs)
You would pay close to the price just for a headphone amp, so yea, it's a good value.
Manufacturer Support
Don't know, havn't used them. Just rated it cause I had to.
The Wow Factor
Being able to plug my bass into my car audio system for on the road (not driving! LOL) fun. thats the sweetest thing to me.
Musical Background:
Bass 6 years, Church bands, a few gigs here n there.
Musical Style:
Christian contemporary, Metal and classic rock.
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Submitted June 9, 2019 by William King in Rochester, NY
"Good Value"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I really like this pedal. Simple, clean and inexpensive. And a knob tiddlers delight. A great many bass sounds. I like to use this live. Maybe should have gotten the pedal, but when I purchased mine I do not think it was available.
Musical Background:
Playing bass 35 yrs. I play too many instruments to list here. Some studio work.
Musical Style:
Straight rock and some synthesizer Have two.
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