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VocoPro SV-500 3-Way Vocal Speaker (250 Watts, 1x10")

VocoPro SV-500 3-Way Vocal Speaker (250 Watts, 1x10")

Engineered specifically for vocals, this 3-way VocoPro speaker delivers a harmonious balance of lows, mids and highs and prevents feedback.

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Submitted June 25, 2013 by Sean F in 5975 A Rainier Ave S, WA
"Less space, more sound."
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I was a little skeptical about getting these, I am a die hard P.A. system fan and have huge systems with multiple Amps powering them. but they take up huge room also and set-up for any show is a bear. I wanted a downsized option and didn't like any of the small two ways anybody had to offer. SO for 300+ I was willing to give them a try and Vocopro is big in my book for these karaoke shows I do every now and then. I have two of there decks and they are high quality, and don't fail. So To finish I tried them, I mounted them with speaker mounts you get for about 8.00 a piece, I put them with an all in one mixer, I plugged them into a pro set-up, I gave them the works with my vocal range, I paired them with over size subs and inferior power. These speakers took it, All! And for the bonus they sounded good doing it. They passed, and the best part, I have that small gig package now, but with big sound. for cheap! They are built well, and if you care for them like I do all of my equipment they are built to last..Four speakers=a good area of sound enforcement, high end is crisp, mid are not overbearing lows are suitable for small venues, but I recommend a sub because that brings everything together for perfection in your sound. No disappointment here.....
Musical Background:
Pro Sound tech, Recording tech/engineer, lighting tech, Musician.. Song writer and entertainer.
Musical Style:
All styles of music, Everything but, Rap (Rap isn't music!)
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Submitted May 2, 2014 by Dominic Lapinig in Hilo, HI
"Karoake System / Speakers"
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Very Satisfied
Musical Background:
Karaoke Singing
Musical Style:
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Submitted September 30, 2011
"I own it and have used it for years without problems."
This speaker has a great sound and clarity to it. I have used them for outdoor and indoor applications. They are compact and light but have good coverage with a proper amplifier. Play back music or live singing is carried out well with these. I suggest you carry them in plastic cases with lids to protect them since the small tweeter on top sticks out on the top. If you add speaker stand adapters on the bottom they will also be better carried in a container since they won't stay upright that easily. They can be daisy chained to another speaker with banana plugs plugged into each other. I have used 4 of them for an outdoor ampitheater and they did well. If you don't need a big booming sound that you get from big woofer speakers but more of a clear comfortable sound then you will enjoy these speaker.
It would be nice if these speakers came with built in adapters for speaker stands and dual 1/4 or spekon connector in the back for mor vesatile connections.
Ease of Use
Thses speakers are best for small to medium crowds or venues.
I don't let anyone borrow thses speakers becuse they need to be handled with care because of the uneven design of the top tweeter. They have angles dual midrange speakers which give better coverage than just one centred speaker. They look like an older Bose speaker but a lot less inexpensive.
This speaker is slightly expensive for its size but hard to find anything comparable in quality and it is a 3-way speaker.
Manufacturer Support
I have never had to deal with the tech or manufactures with a problem but I did talk to them once to verify that this speaker is capable for low end bass as the specs say if you have the right amplifier and conponents being used to send the music through them such as a CD player.
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