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Taylor T5 Classic Electric Guitar

Taylor T5 Classic Electric Guitar

The T5 Classic's mahogany top and ingenious three-pickup setup let you achieve an array of tones, from deep, rich acoustic to screaming lead electric.

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Submitted November 17, 2017 by Philip J in San Juan Capistrano, CA
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Simply the best sounding guitar on the planet - period! Plugged or unplugged, clean or distorted. What's also amazing is that it sounds even better than a Guild jumbo ( if that were possible, ) even though it's a thin body less than 2 inches deep. Not to mention that its utterly beautiful.
Truly amazing! I have played many, many guitars ( including just about every model in the Taylor line, ) and this is the best sounding instrument I have heard in 20 years of playing. Audience response is remarkable. I get so many comments on the tone and resonance of the guitar - kind of a rare thing from the public.
This is a hybrid guitar which actually does what it claims to do. Every pickup selection is another world of tone. It is just excellent as an acoustic, and will handle rock, jazz, and country with as much credibility as a solid body. This is an all mahogany hollow body model with unparalleled tone.
Ease of Use
A thin body which is so light that it always fools you. No shoulder pain here. Very easy action. This one is a gloss neck which gives ease of movement.
All Taylor guitars are so well made. The electronics on this guitar are just incomparable. How in the world did the wizards at Taylor get such tone out of such a thin guitar?
Worth every penny !
Manufacturer Support
Taylor always takes care of their products. This is such an excellent company. Gives "Made in America" a very good name.
The Wow Factor
When I first heard this guitar the sound stopped me in my tracks. It was like, EUREKA, I have finally found the sound I have been looking for for years. Add the beauty of the instrument and it knocks your socks off ( and the audience! )
Musical Background:
I've been playing guitar for 20 years. I am also a vocalist. I am semi-professional.
Musical Style:
My setlist includes mostly 60's soul and pop, 70's r&b, and country.
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Submitted October 28, 2014 by Peter Naughton in Neptune City , NJ
"After one year"
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This has become my A guitar and I have an array of beautiful instruments. If you're will one to take the time to ferret out the tones use an ABY switch a good acoustic amp (Marshall as100d) and a good electric amp PRS Combo 30 watt. . I use a different effects loop for each amp but you get so many sounds you simply can't get from any other guitar and switching between acoustic and electric on the fly is very handy. The Marshall has a great DI built in the PRS I mike and run both through a Bose L 1 model two system to spread the sound out to 180 degrees and you get a perfect recreation that way. The guitar is light on the neck and back, never feeds back and I just find myself picking up the Gibson PRS and Strat less and less. If I could only keep one of them it would be the T5 . Like I said it takes time to find all the sounds it can produce but once you do you have a very powerful tool in your arsenal.
Musical Background:
Pro, touring and sessions player for thirty years
Musical Style:
I play almost anything from classic rock to bluegrass southern rock folk Rock, Dead. Quite a bit of alternate tuning. Some jazz
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Submitted November 25, 2014 by Mike H in Richmond, VA
"Taylor T5 - versatile "
I perform about 100 shows a year, and hauling gear is my least favorite part of being a musician. I have used the T5 on my last 4 shows, and it is a great addition. The acoustic sound is not quite like a traditional acoustic, but gets the job done through my Gen Benz. The electric options sound great.
Musical Background:
Play professionally for 5 yrs
Musical Style:
Multiple styles in rock based music
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Submitted March 5, 2021 by Chris Taggart in LEHIGH ACRES, FL
"Remember "The Taylor Difference"? Yeah, they don't do that anymore."
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I'm going to start with the cons because they are huge and I will work to the pros.FRETS ARE HORRIBLE! 20th fret is a heavy 1/32" higher than the rest. Causes buzzing all the way back to the 11th fret. Action is extremely high. Higher than any acoustic I own, and way higher than an electric guitar. Nut height is too high and saddle height is too high. Spend $2K on a guitar and you get to spend an additional $200 on fret/neck work. zZounds will replace the guitar if I want to wait for it to be sent back and then wait for a replacement to arrive 5 days later. I will probably just spend the money and have the fretwork done, because I am a 9 show per week gigging musician and don't have the time to wait for the return/swap. I do not blame zZounds for the bad guitar I received, but I was a little surprised that they don't check the $2k instruments (or $350 for that matter) before they send them out. Other retailers would have caught this before it left their store, just sayin.Pros:Once it's made to play. It's going to be a great guitar. I do like the sound. The acoustic sounds 85% like an acoustic and everything else is just icing on the cake. I love that I can add distorted guitar to my loops. It's a great guitar and I can't wait till it plays like a $350 Ibanez. :)I didn't rate the Manufacturer Support because I won't be able to call them until Monday morning.
No. Not even close. I've own two $350 Ibanez acoustics that both played better out of the box than this Taylor. Very, very disappointed with the fact that it received less than zero setup from the factory.
Musical Background:
35 years of preforming live
Musical Style:
All. I play acoustic solo shows with live looping. I play all requests from country to rap to rock.
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