Taylor 314ce V-Class Acoustic-Electric Guitar (with Case)

Taylor 314ce V-Class Acoustic-Electric Guitar (with Case)

A Venetian cutaway provides easy access to the upper register of this Taylor 314ce V-Class, while Expression System 2 electronics provide incredible tone.

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Submitted September 6, 2019 by Steven Herrin in Pigeon, MI
"Amazing Sound"
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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I started picking up the guitar again after a long break, and decided I needed something that sounded better to keep myself motivated. Well, I was looking around and trying to find a company that would allow me to purchase on a payment plan. I herd about zZounds and decided to give it a try. I looked around online, and check out some videos for a good guitar, and ended up deciding on this one. With a price tag of 2,000 I didn't expect to get accepted in the monthly payment option, but they accepted me and shipped the guitar out the following Tuesday! Well, I just received my guitar this morning, and I cannot believe how beautiful it sounds! The best I can describe the sound is; very clear, amazing tone all the way up the neck, and a nice vibrant rich sound. The guitar; like everyone said about it, just feels really nice in my hands, and the look of the guitar is very classy too. I'm not an expert in high end guitars, but this guitar was that one in 10 high end guitars that I used to pick up and play in specialized rooms at a music shop. I don't know what else to say, it's just a great guitar, and better than I had hoped.
Musical Background:
I've loved singing for roughly 12 years, and have played guitar along with my vocals.
Musical Style:
Anything that sounds good and has a positive message.
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