Synergy SYN-2 Rack Mount Preamp Dock, Two Module Slots

Be versatile and unlock the full potential of your tone with Synergy! The Synergy SYN-2 rack mount pumps your tone through a 12AX7 tube preamp section.


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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted December 29, 2023 by Brent B in Plano, TX

"This is the way"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I've always been a huge fan of the "boutique" hi gain tones from the all of the big names that we have known and loved. Like many others I also don't have the budget to spend upwards of $4k on an amp head that, let's face it, will not get to unleash all 100 watts very often. The only real accessible solution was amp modeling, but I personally think that plugging a guitar into software is about the least metal thing you can do. I can never really get the dynamics or feel when using amp modeling. They are good and have come a long way, but it's not the same as an actual amp.The Syn 2 and the entire Synergy ecosystem, gives us everyday rockstars the opportunity to own and explore some VERY high end boutique tones in a modular setup that comes in waaaay under what even just one of the amps the each module is based on costs.The best part is this is NOT a modeling/emulation/interpretation of the amps these pre-amp modules are based on. Mike Soldano, Peter Engl, Bogner, Joe Morgan, Steven Fryette, etc literally sent the schematics for the pre-amp of the amp the module is based on and they re-organized the circuits to fit into a standardized Synergy module design. They, like the actual amps, use a series of 12AX7 tubes to create the gain stages that are exactly the same as the real deal. If you are at all familiar with tube amps than you know that 90% of the amps tone is from the pre-amp section. This is where all the mojo is, so by having the exact same pre-amp section as the real amp, you essentially have 90% of what makes that amp what it is in your hands.The Syn 2 is perfect for directly recording into a DAW with its stereo DI outs, but I personally prefer to use the 4 cable method of connection to one of my existing amps with an effects loop. By using the 4 cable method, you can link your Syn 2 into another amp heads effects loop. When the Syn 2 module channels are engaged the host amps pre-amp is bypassed and you have 4 channels from two modules taking its places, running directly into the power amp of the host amp. When you choose bypass on the Syn 2, the guitar input is routed through the the Syn 2 bypass into the host amps input allowing you to use the amps pre-amp channels as normal.Overall it's a high value addition to any guitar rig, and the tones are legit. No emulation, just sweet sweet tube drive.
The modules for the Syn 2 and Synergy system are literal copies of the pre-amp sections from the amps they are based off of. They are also authorized and designed by the engineers of the companies that make the amps they are based off of.
The ability to add up to 4 additional channels to any amp with an effects loop! Also very easy to directly record with.
Ease of Use
Pick a module from an amp you like an rock out as one does.
It is very high quality, American made and feels solid.
Totally worth every penny
Manufacturer Support
The guys that make up the synergy product dev team are literally some of the most well known and famous amp designers on planet earth.
The Wow Factor
If you like boutique tones but don't like to pay boutique price......this might be for you

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Heavy Metal rocker
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