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Steinberg UR22C Audio Interface

Steinberg UR22C Audio Interface

Compatible with iPad, Mac, and Windows PC, this rugged USB-C interface gives you two mic preamps with XLR-1/4" combi inputs, 1/4" outputs, and MIDI I/O.

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Submitted July 19, 2020 by a customer from att.net
"do not buy this P.o.S"
the software is so bad clumsy outdated,think windows 2000, nothing on those ever worked. just like this pile,yamaha is got this thing so screwed up i spent 3 days trying to make it work, and still cant,it should taken 3 min, endless failed downloads and outdated installers, license managers, key loggers licence codes, junk outdated sofware from people who dont give a f#$%. get one those little red boxs they are everywhere for a reason
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