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Soundcraft Ui24R Rack Mount 24-Channel Digital Mixer

Soundcraft Ui24R Rack Mount 24-Channel Digital Mixer

Plug into 20 Studer mic preamps, connect your laptop, tablet or phone to the Soundcraft Ui24R over Wi-Fi, and mix/record with pro Lexicon and dbx processing.

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Submitted June 24, 2019 by Lenny Round in Huron, OH
"My first Digital Mixer & Now My Go-To-Console The Ui24r is Awesome"
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I’m having a great time with the Ui24r 2.0. You can set it up for the “Set It & Forget Mix” hands off while playing. I love that cause I play bass and sing. There is so much going on in that little Lite weight box! I use the 1/4 inch jack on the side for Tap Tempo. I can adjust the monitors with my 9.7 inch iPad 2018 as needed and don’t have to signal the sound guy when we use one. The Veiw Groups are very handy. Once I have a balance on the Sub Mixes I set up View Group 1 with 3 Aux’s (Powered Monitors), Vox Sub, GTR Sub, Bass Sub, and 2 VCA’s. One VCA is VERB, CHORUS, and DELAY. THe other is for Drum VERB. You can put them in any order you want! The Preamps are SMOOTH and clean with plenty of headroom. Once you get used to the look of the Editing Options making changes is simple. There’s an available RTA on all the Channels, Monitors, SUB Groups, Mains, and FX’s. AFS Feedback Control is also available on all the Outputs. Priceless!There is EQ, GATE, and COMPRESSION available on the FX’s as well so if you don’t like the sound from a preset you can make the appropriate changes to clean them up. When I play out I use the Multi Track to record the shows. You go to the MTK Configure page and simply tap on the Channels you want to Record. Simple. To start recording you tap the RED BUTTON. To stop Recording you tap the same button.You need a couple of fast read/write USB Drives for this. When you want to play back you simply tap the GREEN SOUND CHECK button. This is cool for listening back to your mix. The mix for this recording comes straight from the Preamps. If you want to hear the mix without FX just tap the FX MUTE BUTTON on the Slide-out Window. This mix can be sent to any of the outputs, including the Aux’s (Monitors). For me this is a great option because I can take the Ui24r back to house and listen for things I might of missed. Things like FX EQing. All in all Gang I’m having a great time messing around with this Mixer. The Machine is intuitive in it’s set up. Once you get used to the layout it’s easier to deal with than a Thanksgiving Dinner. The PATCH BAY is really cool in the 2.0 Version and Saving Shows and Snapshots is pretty straight forward. Uploading & Downloading to and from the USB Drives is simple as well. I always save my Snapshots to the USB Drive just in case the mixer has a brain fart. Thank God that hasn’t happened. I’m really happy with this mixer!
This Mixer Sounds great! The Preamps are Smooth and Clean with plenty of headroom
The Mixer is packed full of useful good sounding tools
Ease of Use
Punching up a sound is simple and quick. It’s like anything else, you have to spend a little time with it. After that your groovin
This Mixer is made well. It’s lite weight and easy to move around. So far after 12 shows I can say it reliable in every way. The 3 output knobs are recessed so you would have to try break them. The Front Panel is payed out nicely. Inputs are in Blue and Outputs are in White.
The price point is right. For all the processing this does you can’t beat it.
Manufacturer Support
I haven’t needed to deal with Soundcraft yet so I marked it low. However I’m sure there okay to deal with
The Wow Factor
The processing is the key. Studer Preamps, Lexicon FX, DBX, and DIGITECH. It’s all right at your fingertips.
Musical Background:
I’ve been playing professionally for 40 years. I play Fender Basses and Sing. I’m Endorsed by SIT Strings & InTune Picks
Musical Style:
Rock, Southern Rock, Country, Lite Rock, Classic Rock, and Blues. In the past I played Top 40 Dance and Some Jazz.
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Submitted January 4, 2019 by Kyle Christensen in Iowa Falls, IA
"Best Balance Of Features Of All Digital Rack Mixers"
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So I obsessed over which rackmount digital mixer to get for about 6 months. I really liked the mackie dl32r, but there's not PC support yet and that's quite a price jump, though I would have done it with some better effects, feedback suppression current PC support, and the newer dl32s does have PC support and a nice GUI but nothing outstanding for effects, and the pres seem to get mixed reviews. A&H, ipad only. The soundcraft has great warm sounding Studer pres, 20 xlr's, the effects are by reputable companies, and the feedback suppression is a great option no one else seems to have. The multitrack recording feature is great. I'm still torn on the browser based GUI, but it seems to be stable, just a different take than that others, I suppose. WiFi is stable. All in all, it just seems to have a great balance between the others in the same price range and a little higher. If they came out with a 32 or even a 48 version, I'd be in! One complaint, there are screw holes and a vent on the back for a fan, but there's no fan installed in there, so that is a bit questionable. Might just add one myself. I feel it will also be a great option for implementing IEM's where each person can control their own mix, if I ever get involved with my own live band again.
Musical Background:
25 Years, Semi Pro, Regional Touring, Professional Engineer
Musical Style:
Mostly Metal, but also produce rap and country artists recently, but have done about every genre in the last 20 years.
6 of 6 people (100%) people found this review helpful. Did you?
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