Shure BLX1288/WL185 Dual-Channel Combo SM58 Handheld and WL185 Lavalier Wireless Microphone System

Shure BLX wireless delivers great sound for a nice price! This reliable 2-channel wireless system gives you a SM58 handheld plus a WL185 lavalier microphone.

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    3 out of 5 stars
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    4.5 out of 5 stars
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Overall: 3 out of 5 stars
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Submitted September 26, 2021 by a customer from

"My first experience with Shure."

Overall: 3 out of 5 stars
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I've been running cheap Nady wireless mics both handheld and lavalier for years and they never failed me, not once, not ever. I did some research into upgrading to a quality brand of microphone after hearing numerous horror stories of mics cutting in/out during father of the bride speeches, best man toasts or during the ceremony for the officiant. I've been fortunate enough all this time to not have that happen, until I bought these Shure mics. I bought this set specifically for a wedding coming up where I've known the bride for a long time and I knew that if there was a time my Nady's would fail it would be at this wedding, and there would be no excuse for it in her eyes. I was the officiant, and the DJ for this particular wedding and I couldn't have anything go wrong. I spent just shy of $700 on this set with the one handheld and the one lav mic. I was confident in the research, that Shure was a very high quality product, and that I would be extremely happy with my purchase, even considering the price.The day of the wedding arrives and sound checks go off without a hitch. I'm wearing the lav mic receiver attached to my belt, in a yard where the wedding was held with a 100% clear sight line from me to the main receiver which is about 80' away. No trees, bushes, nothing. The handheld is attached to a mic stand and is off waiting to be used by a reader during the ceremony. From the get go my mic is cutting in and out, my assistant is working to see if there's a situation on his end. I'm finding myself standing in front of 200 people and having a brand new, sound checked mic cut in/out like a cheap old school radio shack mic. The reader came up and used the handheld and it sounded amazing!! I wound up shutting down the lav mic and using the handheld the rest of the ceremony, which was pretty shoddy looking as far as I'm concerned. Both mics on this package are rated for 300' with a clear line of sight. I have no idea what happened with them and I haven't gotten a chance to try them again since that happened. I'm hoping to get in touch with zZounds and maybe even Shure to see what they think the issue could've been.The issue is I believe that I'm out of the 45 day window for return.
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