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Sennheiser e902 Kick Drum Microphone with Integrated Stand Mount

Sennheiser e902 Kick Drum Microphone with Integrated Stand Mount

Need deep bass with lots of attack? Capture kick drums, bass amps, guitar amps, tubas, or any low-end instrument with this rugged cardioid dynamic mic.

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Submitted September 3, 2007 by a customer from gmail.com
"very accurate reproduction of drum tone"
I plan on picking one up whenever I can afford it... I would love to hear this thing live oh how sweet I can only think it could be
a quick disclaimer to everyone who wants the "click" sound out of the kick drum: this mic doesn't click. for those looking for a true reproduction of how your drum naturally sounds, this is a great mic. I use a rather deep and tall kick. 28 diameter, 24 length, it provides an accurate reproduction of my kick, nice and fat, a punchy thud. We hooked this thing up in the studio after the beta 52 wasn't providing the sounds we wanted, or the akg d112, this provided the best low end tone out of all the mics yet also provided quite a punch. I play Indie rock as well, not sure if that helps anyone out at all... I don't play metal drums, but I can say it wouldn't be all that great for metal, or grindcore, or anything of that nature
I don't know what features you were looking for, it's a plug in and record or play type of thing
Ease of Use
it needs just a touch of compression and EQ to tweak it to your favored settings, but man, it's pretty dead on just hooking it up.
from what i can tell it's a nice rugged construction. Doesn't look like a cheap mic.
it's a pretty penny but worth it
Manufacturer Support
we just recorded with it, no problems = no need for support
The Wow Factor
it's a mic, they don't turn me on but hey, it looks better than the d112 easter egg
Musical Background:
Active musician, audio engineer
Musical Style:
Indie Rock, Pop
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