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Seymour Duncan STL1B Vintage Broadcaster Pickup

Seymour Duncan STL1B Vintage Broadcaster Pickup

Recreate the sounds of the first ever Telecaster pickup with this vintage pickup. It replicates the fat, vintage tone of the 1948 pickup.

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Submitted September 7, 2005 by a customer from yahoo.com
"Old faithfuls"
Only familiar with Fender Tele pu's and I much prefer Seymour's. Would like to try some Fralin's someday. But yes, they're the best so far.
Nice warm, edgy twang with plenty of slice. Play the brige pu alone w/treble rolled off slightly thru a Mesa and it sounds great. The rhythm pu is awesome too, sweet, fat and warm.
No frills, just great sound
Had these pu's in three different Teles and they sounded grat in all three- better than the stocks.
Had these pu's probably 5 yrs. and they've been in and outside, hot and cold, damp and dry. Had beer, sweat, Diet Coke, {I don't drink anymore} on them and they still sound great.
Manufacturer Support
Called Seymour's a couple of times. Great guys. Straight forward advice and help.
The Wow Factor
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Active musician
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country, I'm actually the fiddle player
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Submitted September 26, 2019 by Mark Garner in Metairie, LA
"Definitely One To Consider."
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
As a hopeless Telecaster addict, seven at last count with one more due tomorrow, I've installed a lot of aftermarket bridge pickups. My single coils models have a Fender '51 Nocaster & '62 Custom, and Duncan Vintage '54 Tele & Vintage Broadcaster. (My oldest Fender, a Tele from 1976 has a Squier Classic Vibe Alnico 5 pup set that absolutely KILLS the stock Fender set that came with it.)Of all these pickups I would rate the Duncan Broadcaster above all but the Fender Custom Shop-built '51 Nocaster.It has flat pole pieces so you have to raise it pretty high due to the curvature of the fretboard but it doesn't have the occasionally shrill nature of the Duncan '54 so raising it high isn't a potentially lethal action.It's bright with a good bit of punch and enough twang for rockabilly if that's your goal.I play with distortion most of the time and this pickup has a singing quality with excellent sustain. I'm a Yardbirds junkie so this is a particularly pleasing sound.And it can do pinch harmonics nicely if you're seeking a Zakk Wylde joins Gene Vincent type sound.(I installed it in an alder bodied Tele with maple fretboard - it would likely be brighter in an ash or pine body.)I've read that the original Fender Broadcaster pickup was a revamped steel guitar pickup. This does have the bright and punchy, but evenly balanced, tone I associate with steel guitars.I would DEFINITELY recommend this pickup ahead of the Duncan '54 but in all honesty, if I decide to replace the Squier pups in my '76 Tele, I will likely get another '51 Nocaster. (My experience with Tele bridge pickups is limited to Fender, Squier & Seymour Duncan so my review should be viewed in that context.)
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Former semi-pro now a stay-at-home jammer.
Musical Style:
Rock, rock & rock.
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Submitted April 26, 2011
"Great Tele bridge pickup. Has been around for a while. No need to change it."
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I just purchased a Broadcaster pickup from zzounds from their website. It arrived on time and sounds incredible in my black guard tele. They even helped me with it's arrival time. Best buy for the buck. Have tried many custom wound bridge pickups, but this is what I was looking for. Much better than the Nocaster model, which it replaced. Stronger , a little fatter, but still has that twang , if you want it. Can't go wrong. Terry O.
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