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SE Electronics V7 Handheld Supercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

SE Electronics V7 Handheld Supercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Bring SE Electronics quality on stage with you with the V supercardioid dynamic. This rugged microphone captures live vocals with high gain before feedback.

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Submitted December 10, 2019 by Douglas O in East Northport, NY
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I bought this as a all around everyday microphone in place of the Shure SM58!I do FOH and with all the acts that come through the door, they vary from The Spoken Word, Comedy to Acoustic and Full Back Line Driving Bands. At SLBOH we are loaded with Shure SM58's and Beta 58's so I know what we have, their sound and they are great microphones. Been around for decades but I wanted to try something else. Heard great things about the SE Electronics V7 and all true.This is a microphone that should be in your mic locker. Its modest price of $99.99 makes it affordable but what you get is a excellent microphone that goes far beyond that! In my opinion I like the SE Electronics V7 for vocals over the SM58, SM57, BETA 56, BETA 57 and the BETA 58. I like the SE Electronics V7x over the SM57, BETA 56, and BETA 57 for drums, percussion, guitar and horns.
I really loved the way this mic performed and sounded. Crisp clear vocals that cut through the mix with little effort and minimal EQ. Voices are smooth and warm with excellent clarity and not abrasive. Sounded very natural in the house and monitors with great clarity. Really cut through the mix in the house and a excellent job in the monitors. The artist love this microphone and it makes my job easy.
SE Electronics puts a lot of work into their microphones and the V7 is no exception.The beveled grill is great so it doesn't roll around when placed down. The two pop filters or internal windscreens, red and black are a plus if you clean your grills and wash the windscreens.Their patented design shock mount capsule is really awesome and helpful with handling noise.I use the SE Electronics V7 for vocals but it would work well in many applications just as a SM58, SM57, BETA 56, BETA 57 or a BETA 58! The SE V7 would work fine on drums and percussion, guitar cabinets and horns. But a better choice for instruments is the SE V7x. My new go to snare mic if space permits and over the Sennheiser 906. If its tight then the 906 is in there and it is a great microphone but the V7x is just warmer in my opinion.
Ease of Use
This microphone wowed me out of the box, It had crisp clear vocals that cut through the mix with little effort and minimal EQ. Simple fine tuning and it was good to go. Voices were smooth and warm with excellent clarity. Not harsh or abrasive. Had great gain before feedback and good noise rejection on stage live. Drummer singing on Beta 56 kept asking me to pull back the the other background singer on the SE V7 in her drum wedge. This mic cuts through.This microphone is great out of the box and on vocals. Stand mounted and artist is consistent with distance from mic its great. Handheld it needs to be used properly or proximity effect is present but manageable.
This microphone is built very well, one of the reasons I looked at it. SE Electronics boast a indestructible microphone and have a car drive over it in the Demo Video. They have it on a grill cooking it. Not sure how it taste but it sounds great!The SE V7 has not been around as long as the industry standard to have decades of durability under its belt but I believe it will last a long time. It feels good and well built, solid and has some weight to it. Looks great and sounds great, 5 stars!
The SE V7 is a hands down winner in the $99.99 Dynamic price range and above that! This mic will outperform many microphones in that price range and above. I have many microphones because of the different talent that play at SLBOH. Vocal microphones alone, Shure SM86's, Beta 58's, SM58's, Beta 56 for drummer vocals. Telefunken M81's, Sennheiser 945's, Blue enCORE 200's.Is the SE V7 a SM86, M81 or a 945? No and it doesn't cost nearly as much either but I take it over those others! The Blue 200's, I need more testing to review it and place it properly.
Manufacturer Support
No issues just registered them and that was easy and seamless.
The Wow Factor
This microphone wowed me out of the box. Could not be happier with my purchase.GREAT Sound, crisp clear vocals that cut through the mix with little effort and minimal EQ. Voices are smooth and warm with excellent clarity and not abrasive.
Musical Background:
Over Over 30 years in the Audio field from ENG, Corporate Installations, FOH/Touring and House
Musical Style:
I do FOH so I mix all forms and styles of music.
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