Schecter Reaper 7 Elite Multiscale Electric Guitar, 7-String

Down tune your axe and get that djent tone you've been searching for. The Schecter Reaper 7 Elite's multi-scale construction makes low tunings very stable.

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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted March 7, 2024 by Brent B in Plano, TX

"Tight face melting extended range tones and sharp style"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I was looking for a 7 string multi scale guitar that would be ideal for lower tunings. This guitar has exceeded all of my expectations and then some. I know that the multi-scale necks aren't for everyone so I'll spare the sales pitch for them, but if that is what you are looking for as a feature on an extended range guitar, this Schecter Reaper-7 should absolutely be on your short list.First off props to zZounds. Per usual the guitar was packed extremely well and was pretty much good to go. Aside from tuning it, everything was set up correctly and it sounded great straight out of the box.One of the first things I noticed was the selection of unique tone woods used lends to the full and highly sustaining acoustic sound generated when played unplugged. The string through hard tail and neck through design allow all of the resonance to really shine through.The fit and finish are excellent. Honestly I have far more expensive guitars whose frets don't feel as silky or nice as these. No rough edges and everything super tight and looking clean. The neck in particular is great. The wenge wood used is unique, but feels super solid and its natural sanded finish allows for very fast movement around the neck. None of that glossy stickiness that so many electrics have.The kahya mahogany body finishs off the design and like most other mahogany solid bodies gives you the warm, mid forward vibe that people really like. Topping off the body is the "blood burst" quilted maple vaneer. I doubt that it really affect the overall sound too much, but goodness it looks sleek and sexy. It shouldn't be discounted how good this guitar looks.The San Andreas pick ups for me are a perfect match to this guitar. I 100% did not want active pickups. I have several guitars with them and honestly I dislike them a lot.I almost exclusively use the bridge pickup and it has high output, retains all the articulation, easily pushes an amp into sweet OD, has great sustain, and the low end is THICC. For the kind of music I assume most people will be playing, an axe with these pickups will be the bees knees. From shreds to chugs this guitar has performed wonderfully.
The San Andreas pickups are high output and fairly aggressive. They for sure have a beefy low end that makes palm mutes epic. The neck humbucker is more smooth and responds nicely to volume roll off if you are trying to get a clean tone out your amp. The bridge pick up is raw and goes real hard, but one thing that I have really notices is that even at stupid high gain settings and even with all the low end it is still REALLY articulate and not muddy whatsoever.
Multiscale neck for me is the key feature. I play drop tuned almost exclusively so the MS necks really keep the intonation tight and in check.The one "meh" feature for me is the push-pull tone knob that activates the coil splitting for single coil tones. Like a lot of humbuckers with coil splitting, there isn't a whole lot of tonal difference. To me it sounds like it's just lower output with mains hum :/ no entirely useful imo
Ease of Use
There is somewhat of a learning curve with extended range and multi-scale guitars, but once you're comfortable with it getting your best tone is easy. The main advantage of multi scale necks is their ability to retain intonation and tone even when your drop tuned real low. It keeps each string at the appropriate tension.
Schecter makes great guitars in general. This is my 3rd and all have been really great to me. This particular Reaper-7 is South Korean made and like many of the other guitars I own made in this country they are VERY high quality.
For the features that this guitar offers its sits very competitively at its price point. Its for sure not the cheapest MS 7 string out there, but at its price it offers a ton of stuff and should be on your short list.
Manufacturer Support
The dudes at Schecter are some cool cats. They are very passionate and respond quickly to inquiries.
The Wow Factor
This kind of guitar is right up my alley. I play heavy, aggressive, drop tuned metal. I love it

Musical Background:

20+ years gigin', producin', and rockin'

Musical Style:

Face melting high gain metal etc.
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