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Schecter CV5 Bass Guitar, 5-String

Schecter CV5 Bass Guitar, 5-String

Dig down deep for some powerful bass with the CV5. This 5-string bass is equipped with a pair of J-Bucker pickups for a strong tone perfect for any style.

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Submitted September 20, 2017 by William Kroeker in Fullerton, CA
"My dream bass thanks to these pickups."
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Surprised to see no one has said much about this bass yet, so here's my takeaway and why I bought one. I'll save my life story for later for the sake of making this a review rather than a story, however I should mention I've never owned let alone played a Schecter bass until now, however I've owned well over a dozen various Ibanez soundgear basses, from the cheapest GSRs to the higher end prestiges.
I can't think of any way to describe it tonally other than two jazz basses mashed together, with the option to turn one off or turn both on into a series or parallel beast. That's what this bass sounds like tonally, which somehow the double jazz pickup that was in the american series P basses couldn't even seem to perfectly emulate. It's a very impressive sound and the series/single/parallel switch attached to them is where this bass seems almost magical in managing to sound like 3 different basses in one. Going to have to split this section into three to describe it better. Series mode: very much like those double jazz pickups mentioned earlier that are in early 00s american series P basses and certain discontinued warwick models. Single Coil mode: put the pickup selector in the middle and you have a jazz bass plain and simple. That's pretty much the best way to describe this sound. Parallel mode: The final setup provides a very unique sound that lends itself very well to the genre I play. It's a midrange scooped sound that still retains plenty of high and low mid definition and manages to cut very well without sounding muddy like series bass humbuckers can tend to do. The best comparison I can think of for the parallel setup on the BRIDGE pickup is somewhat close to a Warwick Thumb bass with it's very aggressive percussive tone, but instead of a low mid focus it's very high mid heavy. The neck pickup in parallel is it's own sound that I've never heard out of a bass before, and is great for smooth runs and calm basslines. That being said, this bass manages to be the most dynamic bass I've ever played tonally, without a single battery powering it. Very impressive especially considering what you're paying for it.
Pickup wiring switching and the unique j-buckers are what makes this bass so special. However, the inability to blend pickups kind of sucks and it could've only been made even better by an active circuit, also with it's own on/off switch but that's something I can do should I ever see the need.
Ease of Use
Might not be the best bass if you're after a VERY SPECIFIC sound (ala jazz bass, ibanez lows and highs, warwick low mid growl, musicman midrange bite) and is definitely something that might confuse and scare away people with the 80's-esque switching options, however it makes up for that in how many convincing and unique tones it can produce.
Overall, the instrument is solid. There are two reasons I've taken off stars however: there's a minor cosmetic defect on mine that irks me even though no one has noticed it but me: when the pickguard was mounted, it was actually mounted in such a way that the back side of the pickguard, inbetween the pickups, is lifting up due to the mounting holes being drilled a bit too close to the center of the body. Second one is something more unavoidable due to the combination of a maple fretboard and the instrument being made in indonesia and coming over here to california: sharp fret ends. 40 dollars at a local tech solved it for me within 2 days of owning it, however it's something to consider and I feel it's more inherent of maple fretboards, so the only one that might suffer from this is the Ivory one (which is what I got)
In my opinion, best 5 string bass in the sub-1000 range by a mile. Only other contenders for that spot in my mind are the Ibanez BTB options and the Warwick Rockbass Corvette Doublebuck.
Manufacturer Support
I did ask about a case and they were very quick to respond with plenty of helpful info on solutions. For those curious, the 5 string variant is ridiculously long (approx 49" from headstock to end of body) so don't expect it to fit in most hard cases. Schecter is yet to make a case so case hunting will be a thing!
The Wow Factor
Unreal tone palette and options for this pricerange, extremely hard to beat for the same price. When I first tried this bass I was expecting a 1,000 dollar pricetag. I saw a 649.99 one. Needless to say, I sought it out on zZounds and bought it a few days later LOL. Here's for hoping Schecter continues to use these pickups and puts them in more cutting edge models like the Stiletto, I'd be on the waiting list for one that's for sure.
Musical Background:
A decade of playing bass and guitar in many, many different bands
Musical Style:
Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal
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Submitted August 31, 2019 by CLARENCE Jones in Pontiac, MI
"the Schecter cv5 bass guitar with Maple neck and fretboard"
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My order was put in on Monday and I received it on Wednesday. This bass was beyond my expectations not only did the tag on the back of the cavity state the number 51 and that it was set up and ready to play but it actually was as well as in tune. The weight is well-balanced, the playability is unsurpassed and the sound of the pickups simply smacks of new-age brilliance and overall hybrid technology. I am a collector of over 20 guitars and basses I find that this one holds its own due to the fact that it gives me or any other player the essence of jazz bass old school tone and feel with The Music Man crunch bite and bottom along with a touch of Gibson neck and Bridge toggling with the added series parallel 3 position switches for each pickup which gives it all the tone capabilities of the aforementioned and then some. As I read the reviews from several different corresponding websites and media reviews none of which told the entire truth about to CV-5 brought me to the realization that this bass is not and I repeat not intended for the bassist who are'nt "slap, funk, riff and Shred oriented in the likes of (Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius and Victor Wooten). To my amazement I have found that the technology put into this instrument leaves me in AWE as to how in the hell they produce a sound as versatile, complete and outright strong as this without batteries and I'm talking totally passive not active yet rivals all of my active basses including my 18 volt basses. The CV-5 in my opinion is worth at least twice as much as what I paid for it. "Schecter you kicked all ass on this one!"
Musical Background:
I've been playing for over 45 years teaching for over 25 and playing in bands 4 over 45 years
Musical Style:
I love jazz heavy metal funk jazz infusion as well as classical
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Submitted March 16, 2018 by Mark D in Lewisburg, TN
"Great sounding bass"
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First off let me start with the cons of this particular line of basses. I had to return two because of each having their own individual issues and sharing two common traits. First common trait was the fret work on both basses. They were not level and needed finisihing on the sides for they were particularly sharp, the first one more than the second. Next I found on both instruments that the pick guard was bowed just behind the neck pickup on both basses. Neither of these issues would have made me send either of the basses back for our guitarist is a luthier and does amazing fret work and the pick guard just needed an extra screw if it didn’t work the issue out over time. The first bass even having the sharp edges on the frets was still very playable but it had a problem with the coil tapping switch for the back pickup. I couldn’t deal with that so I sent it back. The second one I got was not easily playable. The frets weren’t as bad as the first but still had the bow in the pick guard. Not a big issue as I stated before. The issue was is there was something going on with the neck I think because the action was really high when I got it and with neck tweaking and bridge saddle adjustments they would only go so low which for my taste was still too high. This I couldn’t deal with. But hey I really liked the sound of the bass so I gave it another shot. The next one I got needs fret leveling like the first two and the fret ends only need a bit of work to polish them off. Not a big issue. $40 out of pocket for a bass I really like is worth it to me. Just saying, true story lol. Everything else on the third one was great! I was relieved to say the least. Patience and persistence pays off sometimes. Note that the first two were in ivory and the last one in sunburst. The pick guard on the sunburst was on point and perfect btw. I accredit the issue with the frets to the maple fretboard for they tend to shrink if not dry enough at the time of the initial build. Most wood does but maple in my experience seems to be the one that usually does this in production basses. I did have to do a set up on the sunburst one I got last but no issue for me. I was thought by a professional when I was in college how to set them up and install electronics. No biggie. Now for the pros...this bass sounds amazing. The coil topping switches are the bomb. Along with the pickup selection switch you can get any bass tone you want from a precision bass to a jazz bass and every thing in between with very little effort and no tweeking of the amp. Yes you heard me right, set it and forget it on the amp side of your sound which is a sweet deal. The playability on the sunburst one after I set it up is very very good. It’s not a Spector kind of good but it is a quarter of the price of my favorite Spector Basses and pretty darn good for the price. The sunburst one will be on point after a fret job and I may have to eat those words
Musical Background:
34 year professional and semi professional
Musical Style:
Rock, blues, and heavy metal
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Submitted January 10, 2018 by Jesse Beilfuss in GLENDALE HEIGHTS, IL
"Schecter CV5 Bass Guitar"
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I've never used Schecter basses before. I'm a pro bass player and have always gravitated towards "value" guitars because I feel you can get a lot of use from something for the money. Also, things can get broken or stolen and if that happens, I'd rather be out a cheap instrument that is easily replaceable than have to spend big money. My 5 string went out of commission, and I was eager to find a higher quality bass that might be better. I guess I didn't shoot high enough. I like the look of this bass and out of the box, the set up was nice and low and tuned up nicely. Immediately, I noticed that the fret ends were razor sharp. These things were constantly trying to rip me to shreds. The tuners are very nice and held tuning quite well. I was hoping for a lighter weight bass because the body was smaller than I had seen on others. This is a chunk of a bass. I had it on for about 15 minutes and my back was shot. Granted, my back is not great to begin with, but this felt extremely heavy. Moving on to electronics. I ran this bass thru my Behringer pre-amp Pedal and A/B'd it with and without. The sounds were pretty standard. I found some neat ones and feel like it would be pretty useful for most endeavors. Upon switching to the bridge pick up, the sound cut out all together. I worked it gently back and forth and found it made a lot of noise. All of the toggles were noisy and felt extremely cheap. Eventually, I was able to get sound out of the bridge pick up (maybe it needed to break in?) This did not leave me with a large amount of confidence. The bridge was good and needed no adjusting. I'm probably going to return this bass. Not much here to fall in love with and definitely not worth $650.
Musical Background:
Playing music for 30 years. Family full of musicians. Pro bass/guitar/vocal. Teach lessons, Studio work. lots of live playing
Musical Style:
I play just about everything.
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