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Schecter C-1 SLS Elite Electric Guitar

Schecter C-1 SLS Elite Electric Guitar

Play hard and fast with this Hipshot hardtail bridge-equipped Schecter C-1 Elite, complete with Fishman Fluence Modern active pickups for tight rhythm work.

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Submitted February 11, 2019 by Joe Z in Rocky River, OH
"Stellar Guitar!"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
So everybody knows--Im coming from a gibson and epiphone background. I currently own 6 Gibson guitars. And a 1983 Rico Ironbird. First off fit and finish are great. You can tell they took the time to make this guitar right. Intonation and tuning stability are spot on. The stainless frets are a nice touch and the frets themselves, are flawless. Perfectly level and dressed. Guitar is very lightweight and stream line. The nut was cut perfectly. The fishman pickups are very versatile and have a great sound. As good as any top shelf pickups ive played. You can get extremely low action with this thing if you so choose. The neck is very thin but not uncomfortable--though it did take me awhile to get used to being that I come from a Gibson background. It's like going from one extreme to the other. There are just certain playing habits you develop when you are constantly playing with baseball bat necks. Other than that I find the neck extremely comfortable and easy to play. The guitar overall is top notch and worth the money. I think you'd be surprised it wasn't made in America. Once I started playing Gibson guitars I just couldn't go back to Epiphone. They didn't have the right feel and often felt cheap in my hands. Not this thing. This is by far the best guitar I've ever played that was made overseas. So much so that I'm actually considering getting another Schecter. They seem to really be on top of their game, and have only top-notch quality instruments. I do feel however though at their price point maybe they could have included a case.
Musical Background:
I play semi professionally
Musical Style:
Rock, metal, blues, progressive
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Submitted January 22, 2021 by a customer from gmail.com
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I have been a zZounds customer for several years. Played several instruments since I was twelve starting in 1961. Most of my life I used what I could get...like most folks of the era. Upon retirement, I found zZounds primarily because of having a payment plan. I would never have been able to experience the personal and professional satisfaction and camaraderie that comes with quality equipment without zZounds. Being able to play while you pay changed my entire livelihood. Like many, I was a Gibson and Fender guy because I was simply afraid to buy anything else and suffer the agony of a failed purchase and the embarrassment of making a bad choice. I bought the Schecter because it was a grand less than a Les Paul but had a good reputation and active pickups. The Schecter is real craftsmanship and quality control that equals anything I have ever owned or played. I know its just one mans opinion but know this...the folks that made this guitar were at the top of their game. I would buy another one.
The one-piece neck and wood craftsmanship is beautiful and impressive. The neck action is equal to high-end instruments. I love the active pickups. ZZTOP never sounded better than this.
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Submitted April 21, 2019 by Josh Spooner in Tomah, WI
"Schecter SLS Elite Evil Twin"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
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HOLY ACTUAL METAL. This may be one of, if not the, best guitar I've ever played.
The Fishman fluence pickups are some of my favorites I've had the pleasure of playing through. They cut through anything, and I'm still learning what all I can do with them sonically. Probably the best I've used, although It's been a while since I've used Invaders.
I was concerned about the wood at first, but it's pretty light yet sturdy. I love the "hipshot" bridge, similar to a Floyd but without the bendy bendy part. I love it, as it has saddles with allow for customization with each individual strings height, as well as being low enough to actually get a 1.5mm to 2mm height on each string. Its tuning stability is a little feisty, but that may be the new strings. The spoke wheel truss rod is a godsend too, no more removing covers (I know i can leave them off but it looks tacky). The Locking tuners help as well.
Ease of Use
This guitar is SMOOTH and FAST. There are several licks i've been trying YEARS to nail, only to get them first try or within a few tries on this monster of a guitar. I'm super impressed with the pickups (again) as on several of my instruments (PRS SE Custom 24, Schecter Damien Elite) switching to the bridge for lead seems to have either no effect or a negative one. Not with this beast. Cuts through clean, gives it a nice bite. Only complaint would be it seems to be a little temperamental about truss rod adjustments, but then again i'm still getting used to it.
Very well made, so far (only had it about a week at this point) WELL worth the price tag.
This may be my favorite guitar I own (don't tell the others). Possibly the best one i've owned (super close to call with the Synyster Special, the all black non flat top model).
Manufacturer Support
Non applicable as of 4-21-2019
The Wow Factor
This is truly a magnificent guitar in my opinion. I can't seem to put it down (hence why it took so long to write a review... as well as wanting to write an honest review). The only things I would tweak, is I'd use a full mahogany body, and maybe some brackets around the pickups (I tend to use them to anchor my pinky). Other than that, this guitar has completely impressed me.
Musical Background:
Since I was 17. Just Guitar. Trying to play professionally, (anyone wanna jam???)
Musical Style:
Rock and Metal
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