Samson HP30 Stereo Headphones

Quality headphones don't have to be expensive. With a closed-back design, large 40mm drivers and adjustable headband, Samson HP30s feel good and sound great.

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Overall: 0.5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted June 7, 2019 by William T in Oxford, CT


Overall: 0.5 out of 5 stars
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I got these on sale for $15 new. I'm a very discerning headphone buyer and one of my favorite things is that there are so many inexpensive headphones that sound great, so I own many. Among these are the Koss ksc75 ($17) the akg k52 ($30) which deliver clear and relatively balanced sound, are extremely comfortable and are generally a lot of fun and worth replacing if broken. The Samson Hp30 unfortunately does not join their company, which was disappointing to me because I've owned many other pairs of samsons that were remarkably good for the money like impressive sr850s that are a reasonable alternative to headphones double the price. The first thing I noticed was how cheap they felt. The second thing was that they came with a 3.5mm to 1/2in adapter which I happily added to the collection. Next, I put them on my head and wondered if they were intended to be used in that way. First, they are not overear. They are on ear. The material is a thin crinkled fake pleather which has very little foam inside. The headband is the same material, although with more foam which is too dense to mould to my head. There is no seal between the earcups and head, so they leak a considerable amount of sound. They have an incredibly exaggerated bass that is not precise in the slightest bit, and buries any instrument that resides in the higher frequency. Where they are extremely unpleasant is that the bass boost is so great that even some vocal tracks become boomy and unpleasant. Overall these will cause you pain by being on your head, projecting unhealthy sounds into your ears, and costing you money. I would truly rather have no headphones at all than to even be paid to use these. Take your money and buy some JCV flags for $12. They're lighter, more detailed, and actually feature some metal components. Or if you're a real dork who wants to prevent unwanted pregnancies clip some Koss KSC75s to your ears.

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