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Sabian XSR Performance Cymbal Pack

Sabian XSR Performance Cymbal Pack

Sabian's XSR Performance cymbal pack offers a line of cymbals that are expressive and versatile, fitting virtually any style you put them through!

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Submitted December 2, 2019 by JIM SCHERER in PERKASIE, PA
"CAST AT $499.00"
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I purchased the predecessor to this line the XS20s and always liked them and thought they sounded great also they represented a good value. Over the years I've played Sabian HHX and AAX cymbals and of course how can you not be happy with those. Recently though I found a vintage Premier kit that I've been restoring and wanted a set of cymbals to go with it. I thought about what would be a good cymbal not overly priced. I saw these here at zZounds and remembered what a good value they were so I went with them a again. The XSR line is even better than before. First the hi-hats cut through and have a real good swish sound if you know what I mean when opening and closing them. The ride cymbal would be more of a medium ride. While I like a heavy rock ride this ride has a really good sound to it and if you like a ride that will wash out a bit this is the baby for you. The crash cymbals are fast crashes and while they are not as thin as other fast crash cymbals out there they perform like them. They crash and finish quickly not a lot of lingering on. Bottom line is the price point $499.00 with a free cymbal bag and t-shirt incredible for cast cymbals. While other companies are trying to make you believe that they can make sheet cymbal that sound great because of extra time, lathing and hammering don't believe it. Nothing takes the place of a cast cymbal.
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Submitted September 5, 2017 by Chris P in Albuquerque, NM
"Professional cymbals on a budget"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I play different styles of music from country to metal. I have been drumming for over 25 years and have owned many cymbals that I love (Zildjian Dark K's) and some I don't. I am currently in a few bands that play live, so I need two full sets because at times my drum sets end up at different parts of the state. These are not the sweetest sounding cymbals. I prefer dark cymbals and these are brighter, but while using these for many live gigs I have grown to really appreciate what you get for the money. The ride is really good. it will ping, bell is solid and it crashes. The hats are crisp and wonderful. I actually use a set of XS20 hats with my other cymbal setup, I love them. I am not as in love with the crashes, they are good, and seem to work really well with rock and metal music, but when I am playing softer music, they are just not as sweet as I would like. For the money, there is nothing better I have heard. The set was matched really well, the crashes work together, even when you crash the ride, it fits right in with the other crash cymbals, very well done Sabian.
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I have been playing music for 27 years, My first instrument is drums, but I dabble in Guitars and some vocal work
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Country to Death Metal, and most things in between
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