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Roland TD-17KVXS V-Drums Electronic Mesh Drum Kit

Roland TD-17KVXS V-Drums Electronic Mesh Drum Kit

Sporting one of the most versatile V-Drum modules ever, the Roland TD-17KVXS kit offers PDX mesh heads, a VH-10 hi-hat and CY series crash and ride pads.

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Submitted August 15, 2018 by brian k in lake worth, FL
"Pretty Impressive!"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
While not a "top of the line" kit, the concessions made in order to meet this price point are reasonable and perfectly acceptable to me. If you need the drum head to respond to hits in different areas (center vs closer to the rim), this won't be the kit for you.
There are a variety of kits in the controller (i believe 50 factory, and another 50 user patches), ranging from big rock drums, to a tight little jazz kit, to heavily processed and even some electronic stuff, to boot. There are tons of individual kit pieces, so you can mix and match (even on the stock kits) until you find a setup you like. You can also import your own samples (so you can trigger hits or loops or whatnot) via an SD card, which is not included. There are an overall ambience knob and hi/lo eq knobs along with the master volume. The ambience can be more finely tuned via the "other" menu (the usual verb types and adjustment parameters are present). A suprising range of effects are available via the multi-fx section, and the pads can be eq'd individually as well. Muffling and tuning kit pieces are easily dealt with via front-panel buttons. Kits, etc can be saved and loaded to/from the SD card. Overall, it's a pretty broad palette, and the onboard sounds are great for jamming around, or playing along with your favorite tunes. For recording, though, i'll be using this kit to trigger Superior.
The controller is very well-featured, and easy to use. Bluetooth, and a place to put your phone are built right in. Very cool for playing along with spotify (a headphone style aux in is also present if that's your preference). USB is on offer, and can either act as an audio interface to your pc, or to just deal in midi, via a menu option. Quarter inch line outs are present, and the headphone is a mini plug (so no 1/4" adapter is needed). There are two additional trigger inputs, cymbal 2, and aux. Cymbal 2 is used by the extra cymbal included with this kit. Aux does not support dual-triggered devices, so it'd be best suited to something like a splash or other non-articulated percussion. You can use it for a tom, but rim and head hits will both trigger the same sound. The rest of the kit is connected via a db25 cable that breaks out into the various (labelled) kit pieces. The lengths are pretty much correct...i had no problem with any of them reaching any piece of the kit. The second cymbal has its own separate wire. The drum pads are very responsive and have great rebound. They feel pretty fantastic. The snare is nice and big! The kick works well, and seems solid (they recommend that you do NOT use felt beaters on your kick pedal, to avoid wear and tear on the kick head). It will accommodate double kick pedals. The cymbals are also pretty rugged, and responsive, though ride bell hits take a bit of effort (they mention this in the manual as well). There is a calibration menu item for the hi-hat, and if you run into trouble with hat response, you may want to add a little more tension to the hihat stand spring. The supporting rack seems pretty solid, and the mounts work well. Note that throne, hihat stand/pedal and kick pedal are NOT included!
Ease of Use
It will take some time to get everything set up and tweaked. The instructions are okay, but could be clearer sometimes. There are separate instructions for most of the kit pieces. The drum module's manual refers to a pdf for some of the more advanced features, but i haven't gone looking for it yet.
The controller module is a very light plastic, so it probably won't stand up to much abuse, but the kit frame and pieces are very solid and well-made. The cymbals rest on knife-edge type pivots atop the stand (hence the realistic "swing"), and each cymbal included an extra one.
This is a really sweet little kit, and priced fairly given the features on offer. Just for the fun factor, it's been worth every penny so far. The cymbal triggers are great, and the mesh drum heads are just fantastic, compared to rubber.
Manufacturer Support
I haven't needed support thus far.
The Wow Factor
It's great to have a drumkit around the house that won't aggravate everyone for a square block when played late in the evening. It will save a ton of time programming drums, and looks really cool, to boot!
Musical Background:
I mostly help other people make or fine-tune their own music by adding or revising drum, bass, synth, and/or guitar parts
Musical Style:
whatever comes along
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Submitted March 15, 2019 by Timothy Barth in severna park, MD
"Wow Wow and Wow !!!"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
Well I have had this kit for 3 months now and I am so happy I went with this kit . It is my first e kit and it came down to the TD17KVX the Alesis Strike and the Yamaha DTX562 after about a month of research. This kit never fails to impress me every time I sit down to play . I was an " acoustic snob " for a very long time and never ever considered electronic drums until playing acoustic drums at home was no longer an option. With headphones I can play this kit anytime of the day or night without bothering anyone and the sound of these beauties is amazing once you get into the editing features of the module. The 50 drum kits built into the module are hit and miss . Some are really good and others so so . This is where this set shines. You can take any kit and customize the sound of it to your liking. Thanks to the previous review I wont go into too much detail. The module is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I have created several kits that sound amazing and stored them on an SD card you buy and put in the module. You can choose from hundreds of different drums , cymbals and percussion and then choose from tons of different effects to create drum kits , so the possibilities are endless. Then there is one of my favorite things , the Bluetooth feature. You can jam with your favorite songs or load drumless tracks ( I did ! ) onto your phone and play them through the module and also record your performance. Lots of fun !! All I can say is that you will not be disappointed if you get this kit. The best in it's price range and I love the fact that zZounds lets you pay it off over 12 months without any hassle and they have the best customer service I ever dealt with.
Musical Background:
Playing drums over 20 yrs
Musical Style:
Progressive rock , Motown , Old School Hardcore Punk and whatever fazes me at the time.
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Submitted December 20, 2019 by Ky F in Galloway, NJ
"It’s ok"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
The kit is ok one side of my ride really don’t work literally have to bing on it to get a good bell sound.one side on my hi hats doesn’t work that good.however it’s an ok kit I should have it for free since it barely works.
Musical Background:
I been playing for 19 years now
Musical Style:
Christian,hip hop,rock
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