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Roland MC-101 Groovebox Music Production Workstation

Roland MC-101 Groovebox Music Production Workstation

Make beats anywhere! A super-portable sibling to the MC-707, the Roland MC-101 Groovebox is a 4-track beat machine with 16 pads and 4 hours of battery life.

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Submitted September 16, 2020 by a customer from gmail.com
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Ok this is a cool unit if you have or had an JD-xi then this should be an easy unit to use.Yes there is lots of menu diving but if you can get around all that you be good to go.But as far as the sounds in this thing is awesome I'm going to be hooking a midi controller up to it as well.But over all it's a good little unit only 4 tracks but if you can look passed that you be good to go until you want to up grade
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Submitted July 14, 2020 by Maria L in Mt.Bethel, PA
"Ok Sounds and Non-Intuitive Interface"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
By rights, i should have loved this product. I still have my Juno 106 i bought brand new back in the 1980s. I have a lot of Roland gear. This groove box leaves a lot to be be desired. I found the interface to be overly complicated. The JD-XI’s sequencer is a joy to use, but the limited amount of samples and no song mode hamper that groovebox. Still, i enjoy using it because minikeys don’t bother me. I think with this MC101 interface the programmers were trying for something Akai MPC style, but with a lot of menu diving. The Zen Core engine is just adequete. It doesn’t have the warmth of analog or the harsh metalness of an old Korg EMX1, which remains the gold standard of groovebox sequencing. Roland stubbornly persists with this VST in a cheap box. I think I’m losing patience. My Rev 2 sounds creamy smooth and beautiful; for Digital the Virus offers more flexability and a distinctive dark sound. My Jupiter Xm (and its pitiful auto accompliament that seems stolen from a Casio home keyboard)and this sad little groovebox don’t really compare to what’s going on in the synth world. Behringer is bringing out well built analogs, Sequential heirloom quality instruments with distintive sound engines; ditto Moog. Korg has brought out a number of affordable analogs or analog/digital hybrids. Nord, Arturia, Waldorf, and other manufacturers are going to put Roland out of the synthesizer business if they persist with these vsts in a crappy box. I cannot recommend this groovebox. I truly hope Roland can get back in the game. I remember how I lusted after a JX10 (got one now). I don’t think these recent Rolands are worthy of the name.
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I play Synth, Piano, Rudimental and Marching drums, electric guitar and bass
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Electronic: Futurepop, Synthwave, 1980 New Wave and Synthpop, Goth and Gloom in general.
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