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Roland KT-9 Electronic Kick Drum Trigger Pedal

Roland KT-9 Electronic Kick Drum Trigger Pedal

Practice your e-drums at home with the Roland KT-9 -- one of the quietest kick drum pedals around. Compatible with V-Drums modules with 1/4" trigger inputs.

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Submitted December 5, 2017 by a customer from gmail.com
"Awesome SILENT pedal trigger"
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I did a lot of researching on this product before purchasing my first. I now own 2 of them for my Roland TD-11 kit. I was a huge fan of the KD-9 trigger pad but in all honesty it was loud and made a thud that was audible throughout the apartment and as well as surrounding dwellings. If sound wasn’t an issue I would have gone with the KT-10, but after seeing multiple comparisons videos I concluded that it would not be much quieter than the normal kick trigger that comes with the TD-11. This pedal was my answer. It is now by FAR the quietest thing on my set. I have been using it for about 2 months now and yes, it did take some getting used to. If you are looking for that realistic bass drum pedal feel, I would probably recommend the KT-10 or something that uses a real bass drum pedal. Since I was willing to sacrifice realistic playing for silent playing, this pedal has won me over enough to buy 2 of them. It seems completely durable and for how it’s built there is a surprising amount of adjustability with the 2 springs and included weights. If I had one comment for criticism it would be that it would be a nice feature to have an “out” for being able to link the 2 pedals together use it as a double pedal. Like the KT-10 has. Other than that I believe this is a perfect product for what it was meant for.
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