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Remo Black Suede Emperor Drumhead

Remo Black Suede Emperor Drumhead

Are you a hard-hitting drummer? Stunning and smooth-looking, the 2-ply Black Suede Emperor heads can take a beating from those who are more heavy-handed.

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Submitted January 27, 2010 by a customer from verizon.net
"Great head, better than the evans onyx, very durable, nice attack and loud and brite for a two ply! Just a tad to resonant for m"
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I think these are great heads but just not for me, I like pinstripe better, but thats not to say they are not good, they are, they should last a long time and they sound awesome for any rock situation hey, travis barker uses these!
These heads sound good, a tad to much resonance for my taste however and I never use any dampening on my drums they are made to sing! these heads however resonate forever. I was very surprised how bright they are for a 2 ply head they also have great volume good attack and very good durability, I have tried the evans onyx and hands down if you want a black drumhead go with this one and toss a moongel on it and it will sound great! Very easy head to tune also, overall they do sound deep and punchy with nice attack
The black looks good and the finish is great it stays on!
Ease of Use
its a drumhead you hit it
This is a very well built head as are all remo heads, should take quite a beating for some time!
On par with all the others I guess a much better value than the onyx head by evans, those things are cardboard boxes
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Not dealt with
The Wow Factor
If your a heavy hitter and dont mind some extended resonance then these heads are great, awesome for any rock, metal anything and plenty of projection, the back really looks awesome!
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Rock pop
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Submitted February 10, 2012 by chip m in clearwater, FL
"suede is very cool"
I have one of these on my 14 x 5.5 steel snare and love the sound!!! I plan to use them on all of my toms---top and bottom--as well as a black suede powerstroke 3 for my kick. I think the 2-ply construction gives a more bluesy sound and still gives a nice crack for playing rock or jazz.
Musical Style:
rock, blues,country
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Submitted June 21, 2012 by Jake L
"Good heads for heavyhitters!"
Very warm sounding and looks stunning! A very good head for hardhitters and generally r&b, metal and funk drummers will LOVE this head. Highly recommend it! It is my favourite drum head and I use nothing but the black suede emperors. For snare I use black x! Very durable heads also.
Musical Background:
6,5 years of drumming, semi-pro, drums
Musical Style:
Metal, post-core, rock, punk, reggae
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Submitted May 26, 2009 by a customer from northcentral.edu
"Remo Black Suede Drumheads.....clearly superior!"
Excellent drumheads.....great sounding and easy to tune! I recommend using the same heads, top and bottom, for your toms! The black X snare drum head is excellent! Great tone! Hope this helps!!
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Active Musician
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