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Randall ISO12C Speaker Isolation Cabinet (1x12")

Randall ISO12C Speaker Isolation Cabinet (1x12")

With this isolation cab, it's easy to capture the sound of your cranked-up guitar amp without waking the neighbors. Just add your own mic to the 12" speaker.

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Submitted October 4, 2015 by nathen allison in ventura, CA
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What can I say, this thing saved my guitar tone. I can crack my all tube output and capture 100 percent tone now. Before I was always worried about not only that but im recording in a townhouse there is nowhere in my place i could isolate the amp even if it wouldn't bother gf or neighbors. This thing is awesome i bought a 4 dollar goose neck for the mic inside threw in a shure sm57 and just listen through my monitors or headphone, Finally i've got the perfect tone always waiting for me. I run the sm57 into a chandler tg2 and into the computer, the front end is a digitech 2101 into a bogner line 6 spider amp. awesomeness !! Ive heard people say these are to boxy sounding and I don't agree, with an eq handy and some good pres and guitar effects your set to go it sounds awesome.
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Rock to Ambient
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Submitted October 10, 2020 by a customer from gmail.com
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I received my Iso Cab today, and felt like a kid at Christmas. Soon enough I felt like I was Scrooged. The reality is, this is a nice Celestion speaker in a box that isn't worth $25. The lid was skewed both because all of the screws on the (surprisingly frail) hinges were loose, and because the bottom half of the lid catch was mounted crooked. The jacks on the back are plastic, and the 1/4" jack protrudes from the back. The insulation in the lid was installed sloppily, the liner on the lid was torn, the (wobbly) lifting handles on the side showed signs of wear right out of the box. In short, it is a good speaker in a very cheaply made box. I know it sounds like a bunch of little stuff, but when you realize how much you just paid for it, you'd send it back too.
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