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Quilter Steelaire Guitar Combo Amplifier (200 Watts, 1x15")

Quilter Steelaire Guitar Combo Amplifier (200 Watts, 1x15")

A great fit for gigging musicians, this mega-portable 200 watt amp uses a lightweight neodymium speaker and fits anywhere with it's slimline cabinet design.

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Submitted April 14, 2015 by Les Cargill in Tomball, TX
"Very nice amp"
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I'm using this for pedal steel as an upgrade from a Fender Blues Deluxe. It's clean, detailed, *precise* and cuts through great. Absolutely no complaints. The EQ points are perfect for steel. The reverb is pretty good but could be better; some people go ahead and use outboard reverb.. It's just clean, clean and more clean. In many bars with poor acoustics, steel gets lost. Not with this amp. I don't mean it's loud, I mean it's forward sounding and present. It'll do loud for sure, but I didn't need it to be up to be heard. End of the night with a Tele player with a Twin and a manly drummer, it was about 11 o'clock. I also had less ear fatigue than usual with it. No one amp does everything. While this is actually my nearly ideal electric guitar sound ( besides also the classic Fender tube sound ) , playing covers means you may need something to get signature sounds. It reminds me of the Gibson Lab Series, especially the L9 in that regard. I've used a Behringer Vamp 3 ( in the F/X loop ) with this amp. Not bad at all, although you get a good representation of some of the shortcomings of the modeler this way :) To be sure, some of those are pilot error - setting up the Vamp is considerable work. The combination is touchy. My Significant Other gets tired of me fiddling :) The Vamp is too noisy into the input, IMO. The amp takes pedals well, although you will not confuse it with a tube amp. It has a dry and detailed sound, so you get all the little things a tube amp will mask. I suspect a cover player may need to consider some "stack in a box" pedals. If that works, then that extends the usefulness of this amp considerably. I expect it'd keep up pretty well with a full stack; add another 15" extension speaker and I'd bet on it. The amp's onboard distortion is not that useful past the slightly pushed level. That's okay. Tele neck with a teeny bit of crunch through this amp sounds very nice. Tele bridge is classic Nashville Peavey goodness without the Peavey honk. Now: The speaker. I recall when lead players were using JBL 15" speakers. I liked them then, and I like them now. The amp part is great, but this speaker is the key to the combo.
Musical Background:
Been playing for money for 39 years. Semipro ( have day gig ). Bass, guitar, keys and pedal steel.
Musical Style:
Country, country rock, rock, blues.
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