Peavey MAX 150 Bass Amplifier Combo (150 Watts, 1x12")

Peavey MAX 150 Bass Amplifier Combo (150 Watts, 1x12")

Rattle the walls while keeping your rig portable! The Peavey MAX 150 bass amp is a stage-ready 150-watt combo, featuring a 12" speaker and clip limiting.

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Submitted April 20, 2021 by Farrell W in Grenada, MS
"Not like the old Peavey I grew up with."
Overall: 3 out of 5 stars
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It is loud. It seems road worthy. It is a intermediate amp. There is enough power and features to make this gig worthy. It has that clear Peavy bass sound that has always been there for generations. With that said that there were some issues that kept me from giving 5 star. The biggest thing was no owners manual. For the price, I expect a manual. I can't imagine how that saves that much money. It just frustrates the customer. Secondly the kosmos.c button is useless. I read the carton about the function. But no manual and just using it, I do not see that is serves any purpose. It does nothing that I can hear. The rest is straight forward. Decent tone shaping capabilities. Mid shift and bright work as expected. Contour makes a big shift in tone. Don't expect much from the overdrive, its not like a distortion pedal but I did not buy the amp for dirty sound so not a deal breaker for me. It adds a little bit of grit. The speaker angle is nice if you have you amp setting on the floor. No reason for amp stand. Tuner is tight. Works exceptionally well versus what I have seen on other built in tuners. Bottom line, its a Peavey with that classic Peavey sound, but not like the old ones. I am going to keep it and try it out for a while, it seems worth that anyway.
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35+ years guitar. Some drums and bass
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