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Peavey Classic 30 112 Guitar Combo Amplifier

Peavey Classic 30 112 Guitar Combo Amplifier

Regardless of your style -- blues, country, or rock -- the all-tube Peavey Classic 30 112 combo amp can help you to achieve the classic tone you crave.

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Submitted October 1, 2017 by Jonathan Crutchfield in Whittier, CA
"What a great amp!"
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This amp sounds great. I had got the blemished option and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I noticed that this particular amp didn't come with the blue marvel 12" speaker. Instead it came with a Celestion Midnight 60 which is even better! Right off the bat this amp just sounds amazing! Very warm, crispy and crunchy tones come from rhis amp with just the right amount chime. I love it and yes it is LOUD!
Musical Background:
10 years as a struggling musician.
Musical Style:
Rock, blues, jazz and gospel.
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Submitted April 9, 2014 by john c in belchertown, MA
"Tone and Versatility"
I always heard good things about this amp. finally bought one and was totally pleased. Some of my amps sound only good with certain guitars but this Classic 30 sounds incredible with anything I plug in (Tele classic vibe 50, Strat, or even My Gibson LP...plays at a whisper for home practice or is REALLY loud for gigs....covers blues, country, classic rock..and at a price you can afford...just a perfect amp....thanks Peavey.... p.s. I havent needed any support so my support response is just a supposed assumption.
Musical Background:
started playing back in the 60's with local bands not just mess around at home/open mikes
Musical Style:
classic rock, blues
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Submitted February 4, 2018 by Lanny McGough in Monroe, LA
"Good gigging amp"
I sold a 50 watt Marshall to a friend and he gave me this amp. I think he said something like "get this thing out of here". Was running the Marshall and a Valveking in stereo so I said what the heck, I'll run this Classic 30 with the Valveking and see what it sounds like. Very loud and totally different sound from the VK. A warm bluesy sound from the Classic mixed with the tighter sound of the VK. I liked it. By itself it is a nice warm sounding loud Amp. Rugged, road worthy and a good sound. I would like to see a line out to the board rather than using mics but I'm use to it. It gets really hot to the touch on the top back around the knobs. I'm a little uncomfortable with that so I wouldn't recommend leaving it on and forgetting it. It's a great little no frills amp. Gig worthy, great soulful sound.
Even though this is a no frills amp it lends itself well to country and classic rock. It shines on bluesy stuff. I use it in stereo setup with a Valveking with a guitar processor. The peavys are known for their clear low end punch and they make a good foundation for any effects that I add.
Good fat clear tones and sweet rich warm sustain. You can smell and taste Mississippi delta when you crank this baby. It's knobs and covers have vintage written all over it.
Ease of Use
There's no learning curve. This is a vintage amp. If you can't figure this one out then you'd better stick to acoustic. It sounds great with nothing extra on clean and nothing extra on the distortion side. It also sounds great with effects. As I said this is a great foundational Amp to build your sound on.
It's a tank. Just treat it nice and it will probably outlive you.
You know, I was a little surprised at the slightly high price of this amp. I got mine on a more or less trade but I did check the new and resale price. They hold their value very well. An educated guess tells me that they will be valued more in years to come.
Manufacturer Support
Rare to need support. My local dealer has a repair man if ever it should fail.
The Wow Factor
It screams Mississippi blues. Very cool to some of us.
Musical Background:
Playing 50 years. Guitar, bass. Professional road, studio worship.
Musical Style:
Styles-rock, blues, country, jazz, traditional gospel, gospel rock
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Submitted September 3, 2018 by Michael Gangi in Sarasota, FL
"Amazing rock and roll amp"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
Finally bought my Peavey Classic 30 after all those years of wanting and waiting it is mine. I.have 4 Vox, 5 Fender tubes, Gibson tube, Trace Elliot tube and this Peavey Classic 30 has such great warm tones, excellent bottom end, sweet reverb, strong gain. If it had tremelo it would be a step above and in the top 5% of all the amps. My tremelo pedal compensates for it. This USA made amp is a keeper and gets plenty of old rock and roll playtime. If you want a tube amp, USA made and within a decent price range then you may want to check it out with your favorite guitar and hear and feel the quality yourself. If you like it buy it, it will last a lifetime and reward you for many years down the road. I have been playing since 1964, enough said from me.
Musical Background:
Musical Style:
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