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Pearl Mimic Pro Drum Percussion Module

Pearl Mimic Pro Drum Percussion Module

You'll swear you're hearing "real" drums! The Pearl Mimic Pro drum module uses the Steven Slate 5 drum library for incredibly realistic drum sound samples.

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Submitted September 20, 2019 by Michael H in San Diego, CA
"No Repair Service Through Pearl"
Screen broke after first month of use, tried calling Pearl Support twice. This company is a joke and scam, they literally offer no repair services for any of their electronics. So you have an single problem with this device and they tell you to buy another. No Repairs offered for anything. There isn't even a single replacement screen floating around for sale. Now we have a $2,000 piece of junk we can't fix. I've called other companies like Motu and SoundCraft and gotten custom repair work for my studio. Motu replaced the internals to a vintage 828 interface for only $80 bucks. SoundCraft custom made me a power cable to connect a SoundCraft 500 console to the powersupply $400. Yet Pearl offers ZERO REPAIR SERVICE ON ANYTHING. That is why they only have one person answering the repair line, because they don't do ANY. Buy from a company that cares about customer satisfaction.
Musical Background:
20 year drummer
Musical Style:
Metal and Jazz
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Submitted March 21, 2020 by John M in Plainsboro, NJ
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Pros: This is definitely the best sounding module on the market and is built like a tank. It offers a ton of control to shape a drum sound.Cons: Very few drum sounds and none of them are properly muffled. The Mimic relies on ADSR sample synthesis to decrease the sustain of a drum (dampening) . That's not at all the same as a professionally recorded drum that was dampened in a studio. With a 250gb SSD, there's no excuse for this at all. When I bought this module, I was under the impression that it contained a full version of SSD5. It doesn't. Not even close. This is SSD4 Lite, and not nearly the same amount of drum choices.There are absolutely no percussion sounds at all in this module besides a cowbell. I wish I was kidding. There are no tambourines, no electronic drums, nothing. Why does it have a 250gb drive in it?You can only load a one-shot sample for a drum. Even the Roland stuff allows you to blend two one-shot samples together from low-to-high velocities. I really don't understand. There are only four FX to process your sound - Room (which is not an effect actually), Reverb, Compression, & EQ. The Reverb btw has no control over pre-delay. For a drum module in 2020, this is unacceptable. I play in a cover band, so I need Gated Reverb, Reverse Reverb, Flanger, Delay, at the very least. I could emulate the gated reverb with the ADSR, but it's sad work-around.So, overall, this module looks great on paper, but considering it came out 4 years ago and still hasn't updated its library, the Pearl Mimic is an expensive, half-baked module.
Musical Background:
20+ Years as a professional drummer
Musical Style:
Rock, funk, alternative, indie
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