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PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Mark Holcomb SVN Electric Guitar (with Gig Bag)

PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Mark Holcomb SVN Electric Guitar (with Gig Bag)

Extend yourself with a 7-string SE Mark Holcomb signature Paul Reed Smith! This guitar's 26.5-inch scale length helps keep low tunings stable and in check.

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Submitted March 5, 2020 by Isaiah Davis in Salt Lake City, UT
"Smells like P4..."
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And by that I mean Periphery 4! This thing sounds monstrous straight out of the box, had to do some minor bridge adjustments but that was to be expected with any new instrument. The Alpha and Omega pickups sound amazing, they have an incredibly tight response when using the bridge while the neck brings on a more liquid tone for leads. The satin/matte finish the back of the neck is sublime, making it a breeze to glide around the board, which is super flat! Plays almost like an Ibanez. And the holcomb burst
The sound is something close to what you would get out of a baritone on the low end, but the high end doesn't sound too bulky, the electronics make for a super tight response that I clear and chunky. So basically it has a very firm, almost Barry Manilow thing going for it.
Well, again, the electronics were very useful. I feel like the hardware could be improved upon, maybe some hipshot locking tuners, eh?
Ease of Use
Out of the box I was able to pull off some awesome tones, before even setting it up. So after intonation it was right on point.
The only thing I notice right away is a finicky toggle switch, it will sometimes not make a connection when switching pickups. Granted it's only when I carefully switch (meaning that I'm slowly engaging the toggle) the pickups. If im just whipping the toggle back and forth like when I'm in rehearsal it's just fine, but sitting and tracking guitars with it has shed light on this minor flaw. Note: I also, after buying the seven string version, went to guitar center to check out the 6 string mark holcomb model out of curiosity, lo and behold, it had a totally dead neck position on its toggle switch, I was so bummed to find this out. All in all, mine has been just fine for the most part, but tech nerds beware.
You know, I'd say so. It's a PRS, and a fine at that, for the money. Go for it, let me validate your purchase, buy this beautiful instrument and see what kind of songs are in it, so far I'm having trouble putting it down.
Manufacturer Support
So far I havent needed to resort to tech support, so far she plays well and I can manage guitar setups. I thank y'all over at zZounds though! You guys are truly awesome.
The Wow Factor
The guitar itself is awesome, looks absolutely stunning in person. The hardware is elegant and the holcomb burst is so cool.
Musical Background:
I've played for about 17 years, guitar. My dad was a guitar player my whole life, and I was basically raised around music.
Musical Style:
All styles, but I mosh hard and rage the most to Heavy Metal, DeathCore, Progressive stuff. And of course the classics
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Submitted April 29, 2020 by Dayne Michaels in Liberty Lake, WA
"Beautiful guitar, sub-par playability"
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This rating is for the instrument itself, not zZounds. Their customer service is amazing and unparalleled. I've been waiting for the release of the Holcomb SVN for some time now. The finish is great, it's beautiful, the fretboard and neck are beautiful, the pickups are great. The flat radius fretboard is insanely comfortable! Unfortunately, there are an equal amounts of negatives. The nut is garbage. It's plastic, very sharp, and has slag hanging off of it everywhere. I doubt very much that it's properly shaped or set. It has made tuning impossible. The tuning machines themselves are also extremely low quality and seem to have a gap in the gearing, which also makes tuning a very aggrevating process. The low A# string seems impossible to intonate correctly, the saddle is maxed out and it's still registering extremely sharp. This is all in the tuning and string gauge that Mark plays in so... quality control seems to be an issue with these first run Holcomb SVN's. All in all, an extremely beautiful guitar for a ridiculous price while PRS's competitors build far better instruments in the same budget. I would return this if alllowed.
Musical Background:
24 years playing guitar, studio and touring.
Musical Style:
Progressive, metal, blues.
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