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PRS Paul Reed Smith John Mayer Silver Sky Electric Guitar, Maple Fretboard (with Gig Bag)

PRS Paul Reed Smith John Mayer Silver Sky Electric Guitar, Maple Fretboard (with Gig Bag)

Looking for smooth tones and easy playability? Check out the PRS John Mayer Silver Sky, a modern electric with vintage-inspired specs and a solid build.

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Submitted March 27, 2021 by a customer from gmail.com
"Silver Sky"
We had all read the reviews, watched the videos, and talking to people about this guitar. Paul Reed Smith has stated “I make guitars for the customer” numerous times. He made John Mayer what he asked for, promise fulfilled. John Mayer stated that this was not a shot at Fender and various other things that give insight on the guitar. Fair Play. The silver sky is a really good.....great........excellent........no, it is a phenomenal instrument. The neck takes time to adapt to but it is an excellent neck! I don’t find it too small or too large. It is designed to wrap your had around it. The radius measure is no issue either, the issues that exist may originate from poorly set up instruments in the past. It sounds as good as described. I use all the pick-ups combinations but I always have on a s-style guitar, but these are as good and “consistent “ across each pickup. I have spent too much time on this exposition about my Silver Sky. The best way for me to describe the guitar is I love to play it and when I am not playing it , I’m thinking about playing it. I have got to go and play now...........it’s calling me..........
Sound quality is excellent. Every position is useable and Musical to my and my wife’s ears. I can only relate to vintage strat tones from recordings. The cleans are excellent to my ear as is heavily distorted tones. Very good.
I had no real expectations as I researched this guitar thoroughly. Some of the reviews online don’t like the tuners and the knobs, they are quite high quality.
Ease of Use
For me, it was as easy as plug and play!
Exquisite craftsmanship. Finish is excellent. Neck is very nice. Guitar is light and resonant.
Yes, but this question is relative.
Manufacturer Support
N/A I have owned 4 PRS guitars, never had an issue.
The Wow Factor
If you know what you are buying, this is an instrument of the highest caliber. Anyone that has bought it will want to play it frequently.
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