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PRS Paul Reed Smith S2 Custom 24 Electric Guitar (with Gig Bag)

PRS Paul Reed Smith S2 Custom 24 Electric Guitar (with Gig Bag)

A fresh take on a classic model, this S2 Custom 24 electric features a stripped-down design for a bold, simple axe with Paul Reed Smith's elegant aesthetic.

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Submitted June 7, 2019 by Rick H in Georgetown, KY
"S2 Custom Real Review"
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OK folks, so I've owned this guitar for about 6 weeks now and wanted to wait that long before I reviewed it, for you people that are on the fence on this one, here ya go. Now is this a perfect guitar..no, However I think there is a direct comparison to a LP Studio, ....Is it better that a LP Studio?...Answer... YES it is, it nudges out the studio on pickups and locking tuners..everyone knows that 490 series pickups like on the LP Studio are just bad feed back monsters, while the pickups on the S2 Custom are OK..they are best suited for clean tones, the highs become harsh with boost or gain, I had a set of Seymour duncan JB and 59s installed on my S2 and WOW guys and gals..that's the way to go, sounds amazing now, I also replaced the saddles on the S2..the factory saddles were not bad but the graphtechs I installed also made a huge difference in tonality for the better. Now the fit and finish of my S2 was flawless, I couldn't find a single flaw anywhere on the guitar, the neck and fret work where outstanding, I was able to lower the action to .30 on the 1st string and .40 on the 6th under the 12th fret with no fret buzz after I set the guitar up properly, on that note,... the setup from the factory was horrible, really embarrassing that PRS let this go out of the factory this way, if I didn't know how to set the guitar up properly I probably would have sent it back...it was that bad, really no one should have to do a trust rod adjustment right out of the box...but I was able to get it set up and it plays like butter now, so if you order a S2 and the setup is not good, don't worry ..it can be done with a little patience, now my biggest complaint on this guitar and I knew this before I ordered one and it didn't sway my decision on ordering but still is BS..A GIG BAG...Really!! come on PRS ...for $1600 dollars it should have come with a hard shell case...cheap, cheap cheap, there cost for a HSC is probably 30 dollars.. Anyway folks this is a really nice guitar and is quickly becoming one of my favorites after I gave it the ole personal touch with pickups, saddles, and a proper setup
Musical Background:
30 yrs experience, part time pro
Musical Style:
Rock, Hard Rock, classic rock, some metal
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