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NUX Mini Studio Speaker Cabinet Simulator Pedal

NUX Mini Studio Speaker Cabinet Simulator Pedal

Need more amp tones in your recordings? The NUX Mini Studio provides impulse responses of 8 classic cabs -- or upload your own IRs for customized sounds!

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Submitted January 27, 2020 by William Harris in Richmond, VA
"Never Shlep an Amp Again"
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This thing is the real deal. I have been gigging,recording for 23 years and I have owned and played through almost all of the amps out there. When this type of technology first hit the scene(Zoom,Line6,Boss,ect.in the 90's) I tried them out but always loved my pedals and amp sound more,so I always sold them or gave them away after a short time of owning them. But as the stages/Venues(better PA systems/Sound Guys demanding low Amp and Stage volume) and allowable home recording volumes changed over time I found myself looking for the answer. After trying some of the newer products from the companies I listed above I was once again unhappy with the modeled Amp tones,effects and noise from all of the units I tried. Through my research I came across the NUX company an bought the NUX Solid Studio first and I love it. It has all of the ends and outs as far as an XLR and 1/4 out for the mixer or PA and has a line out for the unaffected signal via 1/4 cable. It has so many Mics and Cabs to choose from and Three different amps to pick(EL34/6V6/EL84) it sounds super realistic to my ears and my audience and best of all it allows me to use all of my Pedals and it sounds and reacts just like or maybe even better than most amps I've ever played and best of all I don't have to take an amp to the gig any more. I travel a lot and I am always looking for ways to reduce the size and weight of my gear as to save money and my back(I'm not as young as I used to be and I have no road crew)after fellow musician bought the NUX Mini because they loved what I had going on I had the chance to witness this little beast in action and Had to get one for myself(along with the NUX Horseman which as I rite this is on back order) The Mini is very simple and straight forward as it gives you Eight Cabs,Level and Space(adjust the level of room size sound)I found five Cabs that I love right off the bat as they sound awesome and I also own the bigger version. Because these days it's all about taking up less space and packing a big punch. So to sum all of this up if you love your guitar pedals and use clean amps as the platform/canvas for those pedals and if you find yourself in situations where you arrive to a backline and don't need to use your own amp or can't or if you have to go direct at a gig or if you wan't to go direct at a gig and get the real sound and feel of an amp while using your guitar pedals and have an awesome level of volume control(as Real Amps don't sound that great at Volume below halfway in my opinion and this devise is the opposite as the same great tone is there at all levels) Do you wan't to use your your guitar pedals and get that amp sound and feel while recording without having to worry about the volume of the real amp? This is the Pedal for you. And at it's price there really is no reason to not get one as a back up as All Amps Can and WILL go out some time and AMS has so many ways to make this already affordable valuable gear fit any and every ones wallet. I'm just one guy and hope this review helps and I hope anyone reading will check out some other reviews and videos from other sources and hopefully find the gear that works best for them as like I said before the times have changed and so have the products and technology and I am blown away by this little Box of Joy.
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I've been playing the guitar for 25 years and teaching and recording for 17 years. I play many instruments love the guitar.
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I gig a lot and I play many genres and I have learned to love many genres but I do really love my original songs which have a po
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