Novation Summit Synthesizer

Novation Summit Synthesizer

Bigger and badder than the Novation Peak, the Summit is a 16-voice, 2-part multi-timbral monster! Reach new heights with 3 oscillators and 2 analog filters.

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Submitted November 17, 2019 by Brandon G in Jensen, FL
"Absolutely amazing"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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One of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my musical endeavors.
This takes the Peak experience to a whole new level. Easily one of my favorite synths ever. I’ve no preference, analog or digital, but this is the best of both worlds, from bright electric pianos and Rhodes patches, to bi-timbral analog and wavetable combos, this synth is a performance monster and synthesis workhorse.
Feature packed. If you’re browsing this synth you probably know... high res FPGA through analog circuitry with built in wavetables and varied arps.
Ease of Use
Easy peasy.
Keybed feels high quality, as enjoyable to use as Fatar, but less stiff, I wouldn’t say I prefer one over the other. For a poly synth, the lack of stiffness has its benefits. On a mono/para, I might prefer Fatar, but its no big deal. Aftertouch and velocity are perfectly sensitive. All knobs are rock solid, buttons as well, easy to navigate. This is a wide range tool, it does have the ability to sound harsh due to the vast scope of the frequency spectrum covered on FPGAs through analog circuitry. This is the cost of a high performance workhorse. I’ve used other digital oscillator synths through analog and they all seem to have this downside (Waldorf Quantum and DSI Pro 2). Essentially, you have to be very thorough and nuanced in your patching. Can route audio through it, has more filter routings than the Peak, the list goes on. With some overdubbing this synth is the track finisher for music makers. Just experimental and expansive enough to get lost in, but not arbitrarily convoluted to the point it’s often unmusical. I chose this over the UDO Super 6 due to the feature : price ratio. The UDO is a bit more bread and butter, maybe down the road I’ll get one because as of now, I’m a hybrid fan.
Got this for an insane price match too at $1,693, an absolute steal for an absolute unit. A SINGLE Peak brand new is $1,399...........
Manufacturer Support
Novation has an amazing history of supporting their products years after release and I expect the same here. The software comes with a ton of free patch banks, patch storage is insanely easy, 512 patches available on the Summit, and 512 multi patches, you can wiggle your way into 1,536 separate patches on the unit at once.
The Wow Factor
Yes. It wowe.
Musical Background:
Musician for many years, new to home recording
Musical Style:
Experimental electronic, psych rock
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