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Marshall DSL5CR Guitar Combo Amplifier (5 Watts, 1x10")

Marshall DSL5CR Guitar Combo Amplifier (5 Watts, 1x10")

With improved tone controls, adjustable power level, and authentic Marshall tube circuitry, the DSL5CR guitar combo amp sounds great at home or on stage.

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Submitted November 23, 2018 by Mike Boyd in Clive, IA
"Fantastic Practice Amp"
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This is a great practice amp with the onboard 10” speaker, and also sounds incredible when ran through my buddy’s 4x12 Marshall cabinet. If you don’t like the factory speaker, Celestion makes some very fine replacements you can pop in. If you want to play through a bigger stack, unplug the onboard speaker and run a cable from this combo to the stack. If you want that Marshall DSL tone, an amp from this line is definitely what you’re looking for. Some of the features that made this the right amp for me include:- low power mode: when engaged, I can dial the gain as high as I want without notifying the rest of my apartment complex that I’m rocking out. Conversely, don’t let the five watt power rating deter you if you’re after volume - you’ll definitely be able to cause a noise complaint if you so choose. The selling point for me, however, was being able to dial in that Marshall tone at a volume one can speak over. Whether playing with the hot EMGs in my Les Paul, the even hotter humbuckers in my Blacktop Jaguar, the 490s in my SG, or the comparatively quiet Texas Specials and Atomic humbucker setup in my Strat, the cleans are articulate and the distortion is wonderful. This amp also takes my pedals, including my variety of dirt pedals (EHX Big Muff Pi for fuzz, a modified Boss DS1 for distortion, and an EHX East River Drive for OD) like a champ.- included foot switch: This was a fantastic bonus. The cabling on it is sufficient in length to play practically anywhere and still be able to switch channels without running across the room.- onboard reverb: While I don’t use it often, it’s much more articulate than I was expecting. Not in the same class as my EHX pedal, but definitely a nice added feature.- emulated line out: This is fantastic. No need for a direct box, no mucking about with a USB/FireWire/Thunderbolt interface when I want to jack in and record, no latency issues, and no mucking about with software effects to get my sound just right. A mini jack cable to the line-in on my laptop or DAW allows me to record my sound, off of my signal chain, with no issues whatsoever. I love it.- effects loop: this was something that my Orange Micro Terror lacked. While I don’t use it frequently, it is nice to have the option. Bottom line, if you want a worthy successor to the original Dual Super Lead in a package that won’t blow the roof off your house and would be sufficient for gigging small venues (which I have with this amp,) this is probably the amplifier for you. 5/5, would definitely recommend this or others from their DSL line.
Musical Background:
20+ years, stage/studio/living room, guitar/bass/keys/brass on occasion
Musical Style:
Rock, punk, and ska-core
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Submitted November 22, 2020 by a customer from gmail.com
"Real Marshall Tone at any volumeWOW!!!"
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What's an amazing little amp. I think I'm going to get the 20 watt also! Just a gem for the money!!So dynamic and responsive!! And with zZounds amazing service you can't go wrong! Highly recommend!
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