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Martin BC-16E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

Martin BC-16E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

A great option for studio or stage, the Martin BC-16E acoustic-electric bass includes built-in Fishman electronics for authentic tone while plugged in.

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Submitted February 7, 2021 by a customer from aol.com
"You must play this bass to believe it"
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I purchased my first bass in 1976. I have owned many of the top notch, well known electric basses and a few acoustic basses.After I sold my last acoustic bass a couple years ago, I was in the market for another and decided to throw all in and purchase this Martin, sight unseen. I was expecting at least decent quality, and I knew if I found the bass lacking, at least I tried. I knew if I bought another "lesser" bass I would be left wondering "what if?"I received this bass mid January. Looking it over it was pretty much everything you would expect from a USA built Martin. I gave it 5 stars in every category except quality, which I gave 4 1/2.I attribute this to the fact the string height was high, and I mean way high. Like cheap pawn shop guitar high. Like had to go out if tune just fretting a string, especially higher up the neck.After careful consideration, I went ahead and pulled the Tusq saddle and gave it the sandpaper treatment to lower the string height. Damn the warranty, I am accustomed to doing most all my work anyway. In fact I've never had one of my personal instruments in a repair shop. To me it's like a soldier and his rifle, you need to know and understand your equipment.Anyway, now to the good part:After the strings were situated closer to the fretboard where they needed to be, I began playing and enjoying this fine instrument. In the couple of weeks I've had it, I can honestly say it's the finest bass or guitar I have ever played let alone owned. If I had to pick just one instrument to keep this would be it, hands down. Currently I have Gibson's, Rickenbackers and Fenders among others (no crazy ultra high end stuff). I would give up any or all just to keep this bass. Why?The ease of play and the sound of this bass, especially unplugged is unlike anything I have ever played. This bass is like a triple shot of adrenaline straight into my psyche. I am doing things with this bass I have never done with any instrument, let alone bass I have ever played.It is such a joy to play, after all these years of not having anything like this I can't imagine not having it. I will never part with this bass.Did I just get lucky with this one? Yes and no. I imagine all of Martin's basses must be this good.As far as the action, I suppose if you bought one from a brick and mortar Martin dealer they would have taken care of the action upon delivery.By the way, the action, the set up at the nut was perfect and I did not have to touch the truss rod adjustment at all.So if you will excuse me, I have to wrap up this review so I can spend some time with my new best friend... my Martin bass...
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