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Moog DFAM Drummer From Another Mother Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer

Moog DFAM Drummer From Another Mother Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer

Build percussive patterns with Moog's all-analog drum machine -- no patching required! Turn the knobs to dial in sizzling snares, tubby toms and thick kicks.

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Submitted December 13, 2018 by Jay H in Dover, DE
"Nice Sound but Very limiting"
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DFAM - is a synthesizer drum module by Moog. It's great for creating some off the wall electronic sounding drums. Twisting the knobs turns on the magic and helps you form the sound of your drum beat in many possible ways. It's the best feature of the unit and keeps it quite interesting with all the combinations that you can pull off. The limiting aspect of the DFAM are the 8 step sequences that are rather limiting to its overall usability. If you're interesting in creating short 8 step loop patterns than this is your prime weapon but if you're looking to create a song with alternating parts and rhythms the DFAM really does fall quite short and that's the saddest thing about the unit. You can tweak and modify the drums to change the pattern on the fly but without a real A/B beat type of setting it's hard to be fast enough to twist them back to your original beat if you're trying to make a more interesting drum pattern.What it is cool for is knob diddling music like EDM or Techno where there's not going to be a singer or performer over the music and it's fine to run the same pattern continuously while morphing it with the knobs at will. I found the DFAM to sound amazing and quite unique. It's drum sounds remind me of Bjork, NIN & The Prodigy. There is quite a bit of room for some truly experimental music with this little box if you're going to adapt it into an actual song vs. a running beat.I have an idea of using a looper to build the drum track I want with the DFAM although I think it really takes away the fun of it really being a "live" machine.
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