Michael Kelly 1962 Flame Electric Guitar

Make an impact with your sound! The Michael Kelly '62 guitar features a flamed maple top, PAF humbuckers, and an MK twin-edge, 2-point, floating tremolo.

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Overall: 0.5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted October 8, 2022 by a customer from gmail.com

"*Unfinished Guitar*"

Overall: 0.5 out of 5 stars
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Well, I took a chance on it, there are no reviews, no pics, no info aside from stock stuff. Well, the wood was great. It had a great flamed veneer on top and well figured 3Aish flamed neck and fretboard. Wonderful neck wood. That's where the good stuff ends folks.*Sharp frets*, unfinished fret ends, unfinished frets. Every fret end had a different angle. probably has high frets too, I never played it because of legitimate risk of slicing a finger ot two. Aside from that, pencil marks on binding, binding sand through, over sprays, poor sanding, multiple sand throughs all over the body, the jack had some plating missing, oh...and there was obviously another jack installed on this guitar for a time, it left an imprint in a different shape. I'm not making this up, it goes on. The body finishing at the neck joint was ridiculous, there were uneven gouges that were not reshaped flat, paint was missing and chipping in the area of the neck, already had the start of a finish crack...there was a chip in the fretboard...and to top it off, the back trem plate was the wrong size so it was bent, causing the middle section edges to bulge on both sides, cover actually bent out of the cavity, you could see into it. Cherry on top? The QC card attached marking everything. Not ok, just marking everything haha, and there was no bar to be seen though it did come with hex wrenches. Gig Bag looked nice, seemed well made.This is my experience of taking it out and looking at it for about 10 minutes. It was out of its box a whole half hour before I put it back in it's wrap and box, I didn't plug it in, I didn't play it. It was that bad just giving it a once over. This isn't me being overly picky or expecting greatness from a fairly budget guitar. The cheapest, new guitar you've ever played had better fretwork. Period. This was just ridiculous. I mean, yes, the guitar was out together(badly) technically, but I would consider this unfinished and b stock, combined. My best guess is that it was old stock overseas necks and bodies they got for cheap and told their guys to part em together and sell them. Astonishingly bad workmanship. Maybe it's just this factory or this line, because I heard good things about MK... unfortunately, never again Michael Kelly, never again. zZounds, well, waiting 3 days just for a RA label response and nothing since, no reaching out about it... we'll see if they make it right.
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