Mojotone Solderless Tele Standard Guitar Wiring Harness

Lift the blanket off your Tele's tone by installing a Mojotone wiring harness. Swap out pickups in no time thanks to the push-in solderless wire connections.

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Overall: 2 out of 5 stars
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Overall: 2 out of 5 stars
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I've long since lost the patience to rewire guitars, so this really fit the bill -- or so I thought. I have lots of experience wiring guitars, as I worked at a guitar store and custom builder for a few years and have worked on my own for years, so the concept doesn't scare me. This item never worked properly. zZounds stated that it must go back to the manufacturer (I understand that). Mojotone refused to swap it for a working one, but said I could send it back for them to assess and/or repair. They sent it back saying it was good to go. However, the problem persisted. I contacted them again at which point they stopped responding to my emails. No return, and no refund on an item that didn't work. Could be my pickups? Nope, tested each one in other guitars, and took turns wiring each directly to the output jack where they both worked fine. I suspected that the solderless harness was faulty, so I removed it from the signal chain and hardwired everything instead. Now, my Tele is back to working order. I'm sure they make great stuff, and from what I can tell this harness is normally a good product, but they didn't stand behind it or admit that there may have been an issue with it. So, I won't be buying anything else from them.
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