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Submitted August 29, 2021 by Maria L in Poconoes, PA
"Great Synth for Unique Sounds"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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This synth is not the type one gets for electric piano, or standard sounds, although if you work at it, it can probably do that kind of stuff. To me, the strength of the Cobalt is its ability to sound truly different from the pack. Want weird drones, metallic bells phasing, unearthly kind of pads? Then this is your synth. The presets are wild, and you can easily (tweak) go in any direction with a lot of hands on parameters. The only thing I dislike is that switching patches is like a two step operation instead of just moving to say a6, you move to a6 and then enter. It’s a pain, and I can see it being trouble in a live situation, but other than switching patches it is a fun board and sounds pretty unique. It’s not overly analog sounding to me-more of the digital seems to dominate, but personally I don’t care. The build quality is quite nice for the price, I think it looks smashing, and the sturdy chassis is ready to go on tour, unlike a lot of other sub 1k keys. I think Modal has a winner here.
Musical Background:
Since the 1980s
Musical Style:
Futurepop, Synthpop, techno, house, post punk, rudimental drumming
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