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Manley Core Reference Channel Strip Microphone Preamplifier

Manley Core Reference Channel Strip Microphone Preamplifier

Combining elements of Manley's most-loved outboard gear in a musician-friendly mic preamp/EQ/compressor/limiter, the Core makes it easy to get a great sound.

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Submitted December 15, 2018 by Andrew S in Lowell, MA
"Beware the Hype."
The hype this thing has gotten is off the charts. But why? I don't get it.In comparison to other preamps at this price (high end by any standard), this would be my last choice.Compared to Empirical Labs and SPL, the preamp is weak and thin sounding, the compressor seems to do nothing (I've switched it in and out and noticed nothing happening), and the limiter doesn't kick in until it's too late, letting peaks get through. The only part that works well is the EQ - which sounds very good.This thing needs more gain and a better compressor to compete with other brands in this range.It should also have a D-Esser function, because of it's inherently bright sound.I'll stick with my SPL.
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