Mackie CR3-XBT Powered Bluetooth Studio Monitors

Great for home studios and gamers, Mackie's smallest monitors deliver impressive sound in a compact footprint. Built-in Bluetooth lets you stream your tunes.


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Submitted March 7, 2024 by a customer from

"Immediately Broke"

Overall: 0.5 out of 5 stars
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So I bought the Mackie CR3-XBTs to monitor a drum kit library I was creating. Pretty immediately in the first session one of the speakers just cut out. I did something to get it working again maybe cycling the power & then before too long it did it again. I returned them the same day. Definitely not worth the headache. HOWEVER I also noticed that the sound of these is VERY off. Completely hyped low end. So for any accurate monitoring steer clear even if you think you have a working pair. I’m not sure what is trustworthy with build quality & frequency response in this size. I imagine the comparable sized Yamaha HSes are given my experience with the HS80s but whatever you decide upon make sure it is not these.
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