Luna Tribal 34-Inch Scale Acoustic-Electric Bass

With a 34" scale length and on-board tuner and preamp system, this Luna Tribal bass is at home thumping jazz and folk grooves on stage -- or on the couch.

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Overall: 2 out of 5 stars
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Submitted September 25, 2020 by Skip S


Overall: 2 out of 5 stars
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I so wanted, still want, to be happy with this guitar. I'm an absolute beginner on the bass and got the last one of these in stock. But there are issues that, after consulting a local guitar shop, make me assume I have to return it. The fingerboard twists where it meets the body. It's as if it didn't fit and they clamped it down anyway. Worse yet, there's a smudge of filler in the seam on the high side of it, where it appears they saw the problem, slapped it with putty, and sent it out the door anyway. I really want to keep the guitar. I like it, but the fingerboard simply isn't nearly flat.The other thing that struck me was the saddle. It's like an 1/8th inch thick saddle in a 3/16th inch slot. It's just sloppy loose, but holds in position well when the strings are under tension. Not a deal breaker, but still, a bit of a downer.The fretboard thing is an obvious manufacturing defect, and according to the Luna warranty should be warranted for life. So I'm in no hurry to send it back for a replacement while they seem to be out of stock everywhere. Guitar Center is the local Luna dealer and hopefully they can order in a replacement and we can exchange it in the store, with no downtime or worries about when a replacement will come.
As I've said, I am a beginner and am not in a position to make a pro level review of the sound. I replaced the stock string with nylon tape wounds and I think it sounds nice. I wouldn't call it punchy. It's warm toned, full throated. Not really loud(unplugged). I think it sounds just like it should. I have played VERY little plugged in. My only amp is a Fender (Frontman 15G) practice guitar amp. It sounded good clean and would obviously go louder than the little amp wanted... I didn't push it.
Ease of Use
I'm learning it's difficult to get great sound from it. It's an acoustic bass. That rattle you hear from an electric bass played unplugged is right up front with an acoustic. It takes a special touch. YouTube would make it seem that many players embrace the fret noise as part of the "sound". My limited experience though, with this guitar, is that it can be played really cleanly. The fella at the shop I took it to played it a bit... It had that wonderful, clean, upright bass sound. It was a difficult moment. I heard it sounding awesome, like I had always pictured it, and I was told I should probably send it back.
All aspects of the construction seem top notch, except for the two issues I wrote about above. But those issue worry me. They seem so obvious???
I really can't say. If it didn't have the problems... Yeah, I think it's a great guitar.
Manufacturer Support
I haven't talked to Luna yet. I marked the support level as 3 stars, not knowing how the support is going to be. May end up being better, or worse. I spoke with a respectable local shop who told me they would return it. I'm going to talk to the local Guitar Center. The Luna website says talk to your local licensed Luna dealer, and that would be Guitar Center.
The Wow Factor
I think it's beautiful! To my eye the styling of the thing is excellent. I've got black tape wounds on it and the black strings make the styling pop just a little bit more. It's got an edgy style in a classic form, and it just draws the eye... my eye anyway.

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