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Laney LFR112 Active Guitar Speaker Cabinet (200 Watts)

Laney LFR112 Active Guitar Speaker Cabinet (200 Watts)

Ideal for use with modeling rigs, this Laney LFR powered cab puts out a full frequency range, designed to embrace the nuances of a digital guitar setup.

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Submitted January 20, 2019 by BOBBY DAVENPORT in RICHMOND, KY
"Laney LFR112 Active Guitar Speaker Cab"
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This is an awesome FRFR active cabinet for guitar modeling.I've been searching for a reasonable price FRFR Cab and this fit the bill. Sounds good when cranked loud enough to play in a rock band with a drummer.If you're in a metal band I would probably get two of them just to have that added power.The construction is well and the light in the front is really cool. And the customer service is fabulous at Laney the led dims a little bit whenever you are at gig level I contacted them and I had an immediate response within 8 hours and it is fine it is normal for it to do that because it shares the same power supply. I highly recommend this product for you guys out there that use modeling I use a helix and it sounds great.
Musical Background:
I have been playing for 30 year's I am a guitar player I play professionally
Musical Style:
Rock ,praise and worship ,
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Submitted January 27, 2020 by ALLAN B in Tempe, AZ
"Sounds Great!"
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I just recently got back into modeling for my live rig. I was tired of lugging around a 60 pound tube amp so I got a Boss GT-1000. I’ve been on a search for a good FRFR ever since. I’ve tried big ones, small ones, expensive ones, cheap ones yada yada and always ended up ditching them because I could not for the life of me get rid of the fizz or boomy bass.The Laney checked all the boxes for me. It looks like a speaker, it sounds really good, and doesn’t weigh a metric ton. It did take a few days of tweaking my GT-1000 EQ to finally get the sounds I wanted but it was well worth the effort. I think the high roll off knob is a must. It’s something every FRFR should have. It is solidly built and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is deeper than I expected but it still sits well on any standard amp standAbout the only thing I dislike about the cabinet is the handles. I get the idea behind the top side bars, but why couldn’t ya put a traditional strap handle on the top? I don’t know about you, but I like to try and get all my gear into the car on one trip. Unless you want to beat the heck out of your shins the Laney needs 2 hands.
Overall the cab sounds really nice. I run my GT into it and use it as a back line amp for most of our gigs and every practice. It’s not magical, just like every other FRFR you will have to spend time adjusting your modeler’s EQ to dial it in. I don’t notice as much fizziness in this as I have with some other’s that I’ve tried and it isn’t overly bass heavy either. Does it nail the “amp in the room” sound? I have no clue but it sounds really good to me, sits well in the mix, and I get compliments from my band mates. And yes, it’s more than loud enough to use on its own for small/medium gigs and practice in most circumstances. I just played an outside gig this weekend and everything stood out when it needed to and I still had about 30% left in the tank if I needed more.
There aren’t a lot of features to an FRFR, but I do appreciate the high end roll off on the back. That really helps a lot. The front light is pretty cool too. I actually got a lot of comments about that. I haven’t messed much with the built in cab emulation. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference but I only use it as FR anyways.The handles are a novel idea but not very practical.
Ease of Use
Plug it in, adjust the volume trim the high end and go fiddle with your modeler. Pretty straightforward.
I haven’t had it very long but first impressions are that it is very well built and sturdy.
I think it’s a fair price for a seemingly well-built powerful cabinet.
Manufacturer Support
Haven't needed it
The Wow Factor
It’s a cabinet with a light! Seriously though, it’s just a good loud cab that is easy to carry around. Not much to wow with other than a good sound.
Musical Background:
Playing 45 years. Play in local bands
Musical Style:
Rock, prog, christian
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