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Line 6 HX Effects Guitar Processor

Line 6 HX Effects Guitar Processor

Integrate 100+ effects from Line 6's Helix, M-Series and Stompbox Modeler pedals into your existing pedalboard and rig with the HX Effects guitar processor.

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Submitted February 17, 2018 by Steven C in Greenwood, SC
"Wish this existed much sooner!"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I've bought, traded, rented, and tested hundreds of pedals over the last few years. I just assumed that these multi effects units could not produce the same quality of sounds as a single pedal built specifically for the task. I bit the bullet here and went ahead and ordered one, and Im wildly happy that I did. The rig sounds absolutely amazing. I'm now able to get rid of my old style SKB box and lighten the load buy 25 some odd pounds. Within 30 minutes I had already recreated my board, and with the ability to run 9 effects in a patch, I actually got to add an always on drive! The tones are incredible, the quality of construction is very solid. I haven't even got to dig deep into it yet, but I'm more than satisfied already, anything else is just a plus. Do your back a favor. Go ahead and buy it. Amps tested through ML Signature Fender Hotrod Mess Lonestar Sounds killer on both!
Musical Background:
Guitar and Pedal Steel studio player.
Musical Style:
Country, Rock, Outlaw, Indie, Post-rock, Shoegaze
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Submitted December 27, 2018 by Brian Musick in WICKENBURG, AZ
"Great if you have an amp that you love!"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
The HX Effects is a absolutely great pedal. This device works best when you already have a tube amp that you love. I find the best sounds come from when you run the 4 cable method and arrange your reverbs, delays and EQ in the FX Loop. The only real bad part about this device is that it had made me want the full Helix pedal board even more.Buy the HX Effect if you have an amp you love playing through and you just want more out of it.
Musical Background:
20+ years playing guitar. Audio engineer. Bedroom warrior
Musical Style:
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Submitted January 21, 2019 by a customer from hotmail.com in Bakersfield, CA
"Replaced most of my pedals"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
To be honest, I was a hesitant to purchase this effects processor. I have always used analog pedals. But I took a leap of faith and tried it out, after all If i didn’t like it I had 45 days to return. After trying it I was immediately blown away with this thing!! I fell IN LOVE with it! I loved how easy it was to change presets on the fly! It replaced all my drives, compressor, and modulation pedals! My only complaint with probably be the reverb. It’s not horrible but I think it could use some tweaking. It still beats most verbs on the market. Any way once I plug this thing in I never looked back. I highly recommend this!
Musical Background:
Christian/ country/ gospel
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Submitted May 30, 2019 by ALLAN B in Tempe, AZ
"Great sounding box!"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I really like this box and am very pleased with its performance. Can it replace your entire pedalboard? Absolutely! However, if you are like me you have some favorite pedals that you don't want to part with just yet. Knowing it plays well with your existing set up is a huge plus and make this an ideal multi FX for any pedalboard out there.
You can achieve just about any sound you could dream of with this box. The sheer number of effects is almost overwhelming, and most of them are useful. Don't overlook the "Legacy" section either. There's a lot of great tone buried behind some of the menus. There is a bit of a learning curve if you aren't familiar with FX modeling so not all of them are going to sound great without some minor tweaking. A separate EQ block helps brighten up the reverbs which can be a bit dark, and many of the drive pedals needed some darkening for my amp set up. It also sounds great with the pedals you already have. I put my drives in front of the HX, and you can place reverb and delay pedals in one of the HX loops, or even in the external signal chain going to the amps FX loop. There's a zillion ways to integrate this box into your existing set up.
I appreciate the routing capabilities inside and outside of the box. If you use HX Edit software, you can quickly drag FX anywhere in your chain to hear what sounds best to your ears. While it generally follows pedalboard logic from an effects order, definitely experiment!! Especially if you are using the 4-cable method. Things in the loop can sound much different than if they are in front. The 2 external loops are great but note that you will tie up one loop if you are using 4CM. Again, you can put your own pedals in front of it, in one of the loops, or anywhere in your chain.
Ease of Use
I prefer to use the HX Edit software for major editing because I'm already familiar with it from my Helix. It's intuitive but do read the manual because there is a quirky process for copying and editing presets. It's also easy to edit on the board. Just touch the button of the stomp you want to edit and make your changes just like a real pedal.
This is a solidly built box and the software is also very stable. I've owned several Line 6 products going back 20 years and I've always been impressed with the quality of their gear.
For the price of 4 name brand pedals you get this box. 'Nuff said.........
Manufacturer Support
As a testament to their quality, I've yet to ever contact Line 6 for support for any of my products. They have a nice website with tons of information and FAQs that should answer most questions people new to the product might have. There's also a free preset sharing page. Not as many HX FX available as other boxes, but that is likely to change soon!They are also really good at updating software and adding new features. At time of writing, 2.8 is coming and will offer new Snapshot functions, preset parity with other Helix models, and rumor has it there may be some new drive models included.
The Wow Factor
Just listen to it!
Musical Background:
40+ years
Musical Style:
Rock, Prog, Christian
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Submitted January 28, 2019 by Robert damms in Hamilton, NJ
"Does not work with Marshall Jcm dsl"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
Bought this with high expectations! Out the box I thought it was going to be my holy grail. I thought this was going to end my days of lugging my monsterus pedal board to gigs. I thought this was going to end my pedal tap dancing days for effects and amp channel switching as advertised BUT WAS I WRONG!!!I have owned and still own several line 6 effects products over my 35 years as a musician. I have always thought highly of line 6 until now. Line 6 advertises the hx unit as it works with most popular amplifiers. It should be advertised as works with most amplifiers If you’re lucky! The unit functions as it should ALL except for one little important thing and that thing that it doesn’t do is the most important thing I bought the unit for. Channel switching my Marshall Jcm 2000 DSL and TSL ampsOOOOH it will switch the channel but with a HUGE unmistakable ANNOYING BUZZING NOISE that does not go away!!! It’s not a ground loop ... if that’s what you’re thinking as I have contacted Line 6 support with not much help or willing to admit it’s an issue.They told me this is the first time they have heard of this issue. I then provided them with several links not only from line 6 forums but all over google complaining of the exact same issue. After 3 different support conversations via email. Support told me I would need a special cable made with a resister built in and they would provide me with some cable companies in my area to contact for me to have a THIRD PARTY fix my issue. Of to which I’m still currently waiting for the cable making companies name they were supposed to provide! Yeah Thanks line 6!!! WOW!!! Line 6 “Really” the shuffle off to a third party company to fix my issue that I’m having with a line 6 product that cost me half a mortgage payment on my house. Shame on you line 6. You have received the last of my money you’ll ever receive from my pocket! As well as the last prop for any product you have!!! In the long run will my money and negative props affect your business...... maybe not... but being in the musical world and gigging I come across many a musician. And guess what bitter taste will be at the tip of my tongue...... The short of the long. Your support team sucks and are of no help. For a $600 unit it should do everything you advised it to do. Wether you like Marshall amplification or not it’s an industry standard. So next time line 6 says it works with the most popular amplifiers.... think again!!!! Say No on the Hx effects!!!!! I definitely would not recommend this product!!!! Nor line 6 for support. Line 6 took my money and ran. Next time you think of buying a line 6 product I suggest you do the same!!!!
Musical Background:
Professional musician
Musical Style:
If it sounds and feels good I’ll play it
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