Laney Black Country Customs IRT30-112 Guitar Combo Amplifier

Roll up to any show with the IRT30-112 for maximum tone from an ultra-portable combo. Three footswitchable channels allow for a complete sonic experience.

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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted April 21, 2024 by a customer from

"Laney Black Country Customs IRT30-112 =Killer Amp"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Mine was delivered today, on a Sunday. It looked great, so I plugged it in via the 4 cable method via the FX loop and input with a Line 6 POD Go- (with NO amp sims, though, used only for effects). I connected my Mojotone 2x12" extension cabinet with Eminence Red Coat Tonkers as I usually do. I set all knobs to 12 o'clock for now. In a few minutes I got sound, and I was blown away. Clean channel-very nice, stepped on the boost pedal and it broke up nicely-very useful. Rhythm channel was dirtier as expected and the boost pedal added some more crunch-OK! The lead channel sounded great, but I turned up the gain to about 7.5 because I wanted more liquid and I got it. The Boost pedal added some more of what I liked and made it louder-OK again. There are a LOT of features and options on this amp. Adjustable dynamics, global tone control, digital reverb, watts control (sort of like an attenuator, but it doesn't come after the power section), cabinet-emulated XLR out, pull adjustments on all channel EQ's and more. Most importantly, it sounds really great and is plenty loud to gig with. Laney categorizes this as a 'bedroom' amp, which it can do by lowering the watts control, but I'm going to use it live with plenty of power to spare-even with 'watts' set to halfway. As stated, I use mine with effects using the four cable method and I don't use pedals of any kind before the input. I'm not sure how it would do with that, so check that out first. This is a HIGH gain amp with lots of bells and whistles, and it delivered exactly what I needed (replacing my PRS Custom 20, which is healing in the shop). Two questions for Laney, though - (1) Where is my included IRONHEART guitar amp sim plugin by Aurora DSP? I filled out the registration online and I should have received the voucher via email automatically, like everyone does in 2024. (2) How many preamp tubes are in the IRT-30 112? The manual says (4) 12AX7 or ECC83's, but everywhere else I've searched says there are three preamp tubes. Who cares for now, though? The amp sounds killer and I can wait for the Laney people to come in on Monday and answer my email.
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