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KRK KNS 6400 Closed Back Studio Headphones

KRK KNS 6400 Closed Back Studio Headphones

Surround your ears in clear, brilliant sound with a pair of KRK KNS 6400 headphones -- a must-have mixing tool when you can't listen over speakers.

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Submitted July 20, 2012 by Jim N in Albany, CA
"KRK KNS 6400 B stock Studio Headphones"
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I bought a pair of these headphones from Guitar Center over a year ago just to try them out. I found myself taking them on the road with me all the time, instead of my Bose noise canceling headphones. When I received an email for discounted B stock from ZZounds, I figured I would upgrade some of my worn out studio phones. I bought four pair. Handed a box to a client, whom I've don't three CDs with. She did a vocal track and said "wow, these are very focused, I can hear myself really well". No more needs to be said as far as I'm concerned. These are very good headphones for the money. they are light, comfortable, and sound very natural. I like them.
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35 years in the music business.
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Submitted June 21, 2011 by a customer from gmail.com
"Good for laying tracks but not for final mixdown."
As stated, my main issue with these phones is the lack of bottom end. Other than than, I'm satisfied with them.
I bought these headphones because I've read that KRK makes one of the best sounding studio monitors so I figured their headphones must be great as well. The clarity is awesome with these headphones. I compared them to an extremely old pair of AKG headphones I have, which still work really well, and the KRK's output is a little louder and my highs and mids are clearer. The only I do NOT like about the KRK's is they lack bottom end. After doing a mix of a couple instrumentals and playing them back on my home and car stereo systems, my bass track was way over powering. On that note (no pun intended) these phones are good for laying down tracks but I would not recommend them for final mix downs.
I DO like the fact that the cable can be disconnected from the headphones (it comes disconnected). So if the cable ever went bad you don't have to repalce your entire headphone set. Cool feature.
Ease of Use
Simple...plug in and play. Works great with my interface (Presonus AudioBox).
Again, the clarity is excellent but there's not enough pronounced bottom end which really messes me up on mix downs. I have a small home studio setup in an apartment so I can't crank up monitors for mixing so I rely mostly on headphones. But overall for laying initial tracks, they're great and they seem sturdy as well.
For the price these are a decent set of studio phones. I'm now wishing i would've went with the next step up though.
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Melodic/Progressive Metal
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Submitted November 24, 2020 by a customer from gmail.com
"Save your $100.00"
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Terrible value!Too much plastic and not a very good product.Save your money and buy the Grado e-80,that is worth the money.A JBL engineer and audiophile since ‘68.
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