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Korg Wavestate Wave Sequencing Digital Keyboard Synthesizer

Korg Wavestate Wave Sequencing Digital Keyboard Synthesizer

Emit cool pads, icy textures, and driving rhythm pulses with the Korg Wavestate, a wavetable synth with classic modeled filters and smart randomization.

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Submitted February 7, 2020 by Rick C in Flint, MI
"Great sounding synth"
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I've owned the Korg Wavestate for a little over 36 hours and I'm very impressed with the sound quality. It's very lightweight and it's made of plastic but it feels solid. The knobs have just the right amount of tension while turning and the buttons give a little click when depressed. They don't feel spongy at all. The keyboard itself feels a little cheap but not so terrible that they go clackity clack like a toy piano. The display is small but easy to read even with my corrected lenses. I will compare its weight to a midi keyboard. But it's not fragile at all like some other lightweight and bendy synths that I've played. After a quick tutorial that I found on youtube, I was up and playing. The presets sound great and they can be tweaked and modified by several means to get that special sound that you're looking for. And there are scores of slots to save your newly created sounds too. I've been instructed to save often so as not to lose that special sound that was just made. There is a bit of menu diving but that's to be expected in such a feature-packed synth with such a small footprint. There are so many parameters for tweaking that you might get lost in all the options. You can start out playing the basic presets (like I did) and then expand as you grow more comfortable. The sky's the limit for your creativity. There are a lot more features to discover but, according to the many tutorials available on youtube, I'll be in for a treat. Finally, although I really like this little powerhouse, and I think that there's a bit of bang for the buck, there might be a few other synths more suitable to your tastes. For instance, Deepmind 6 or 12 is about the same price and they're true analog polysynths with great sound, superb special effects, one more octave, and packed with features. But, I own the DM12 so I'm glad to have another great sounding synth to complement it. The Argon8 is about the same size with 3 octaves and it costs $50 less. It also comes as a module and the Argon8X has 61 keys for about $30 more than the Wavestate. However, I mention them just for comparison, and I happily recommend the Wavestate because neither of the other synths I mentioned sounds quite like it! 5 stars!
Musical Background:
30 years playing keyboards and some guitar. Known as Metaspherz.
Musical Style:
I like Ambient, Space music, Cinematic, Chill and Epic.
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Submitted March 25, 2021 by a customer from nakedhoof.com
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The first thing is a warning: this synth has the most fragile keyboard I have ever encountered. If you are going to use it live, you should have a hard case. Other than that, the keyboard response is as flimsy as the keys themselves. How fragile you say? So fragile that I can twist a key at least 5-10 degrees with just two fingers. It's FRAGILE. Sound is pretty decent, and I wrote something new with it pretty much right away. My favorite sounds are the ethereal ones, with some movement and texture. In the presets there are not very many of those. In fact IMO most of the factory presets are useless for the music I write. But there is a great deal of room to easily design your very own presets. The problem I have is that the factory presets are pretty much set in stone, but I guess certain types of synth have always been like that. However, those synths had better presets. Overall I guess to me it's a 3 star synth, with a point taken for the flimsy keyboard, and another point taken for the sheer volume of unusable presets. YMMV
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Submitted July 20, 2020 by milford G in poplar, MT
"Not a workstation by any means"
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The synthesiser is great for anyone needing a controller for their EX or SR, fantastic for some drones and smooth sounds. Amazing tweakability also.If I did not own several keys I would not have gotten this.I wanted decent FM sounds and good usable samples and some nice vocal and string effects too. Frankenstein I say, what a monster!
The bass sounds are kind of weak on my EV pa , even with the 18 inch sub. I never use it unless I slot more bass (say from mother 32's or something analog.) The subtle changes and massive changes can be missing in a poor mix. Use delicate touches and compare results I guess. That IS the ticket!
Terrible packaging, dang this is built to last at least 5 years or less....Lots of wonderful knobs, lots of menus that work. Work flow rocks! Lots of patches you can use and write over. Build is poor but sounds useful IF you need it.
Ease of Use
This takes some time to learn to use but is not impossible.I like the upper and mid range tones a lot. I wish it had more keys too or was a module. I needed the joystick too.
I give the build quality a 7 out of 10. My roland jx 305 lasted about 5 years before it went belly up, made a lot like this one is.
I would have paid 2k for a better box with this sound. Add the missing parts from the old wavestation (multiple sections at once) and I would pay 3.5k Add sampling and I would pay 4 thousand at once !
Manufacturer Support
Never used it. Like Korg though.
The Wow Factor
Looks good, finger print magnet, hard plastic with pyramids, wow.Some of the drone stuff is straight out of my personal dreams. Cleans super easy! Worth having if you have other gear!
Musical Background:
80s - 2020 EDM ambient/ I play where I am wanted? lol
Musical Style:
ambient -edm
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