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Korg Minilogue Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer, 37-Key

Korg Minilogue Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer, 37-Key

Meet the modern analog synth for everyone. The Korg Minilogue gives you 4-voice polyphony, 2 waveshape-able analog oscillators and 100 easy-to-tweak presets.

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Submitted April 22, 2016 by Alan P in Los Angeles, CA
"Got mine last week, and I still haven't made it through all the presets."
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I'll keep this long story short. I've spent a total of about 8 hours with it so far and I mind myself spending all my time easily creating patches that have the richness, depth, texture, feel, and animation within the tones that exceeds my other analogs like the moogs and Dave Smith's, as great as they are. For $500, it's a no brainer, if there's just one analog synth you can get, you'll be very happy with this one for a long time. It has many novel features, but I only will give it a three star since it's not multi-timbral and my Tetra is. That should have been relatively cheap and easy to add, why they didn't???
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Almost all of the above
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Submitted December 27, 2016 by kent fuselier in overton, TX
"Wow... Wooooow. Wow. Woooow. Whoooooo. Wow. ( abnormal palpitations)"
I'm a retired executive from Sony GmbH in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia and as of lately produce film and television in North America. I have played lots of instruments and synthesizers and have spent decades engineering some of the most amazing top hits on the planet. I don't play a synthesizer for a living but when I do I'm very picky. I bought this after my experience with the microkorg for playing around on weekends and lo and behold this is one of the most amazing low price synthesizers I've seen during my lifetime. I spent one weekend going over every gold and platinum production I've worked on in the last 20 years and playing just a few notes with just a few settings was able to add at a minimum 6 unique, creative, amazing, and marketable tracks on every song I've ever produced within the matter of a few hours. made the songs as unique as they were when I first created them... This keyboard is amazing and from my limited experience it has been recently as amazing as my experience with the microkorg the MS 10 and later the ms-20 put together with any Korg step sequencer I have ever purchased has multiplied this amazing amount of satisfaction to the power of everything Korg has done to this date. For the Layman - just too soon - this synthesizer is the s***
Musical Background:
Multiple Platinum hits in production by age 20 including personal instrumental performances of live audiences in excess of 35M
Musical Style:
Maintained admission in the Fightin Texas Aggie band class of 1993. Hands down the most prolific and amazing military marching b
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Submitted March 5, 2018 by Daniel Gallo in San Diego , CA
"Amazing for the price"
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This the first synth I've ever purchased and I'm so happy I did! There's a bit of a learning curve but there are many tutorials on YouTube that made it fairly simple for a noob like me to adapt. I'm someone that knew nothing about synths before I purchased this little guy and now I can easy come up with patches on the fly. I'm a huge fan of Future Islands, LCD Soundsystem, Liars and Tame Impala and it's almost too easy to come up with tones in the range of these bands. The only down side I found is that it doesn't come with any classic piano, Wurlitzer, or organ presets but if you fiddle enough with the nobs you'll be able to nail something close. get the polished gray finish if you can!
The quality of sound s amazing for the price and if you wanna make it sound better run it through a ehx small clone and or ehx canyon (verb setting with short delay) to. Make it sound huge
the mono mode with the sub ocilator turned up makes it sound like a beast and the built in delay sounds awesome
Ease of Use
A bit of a learning curve but there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help and there's also a few FB groups that are dedicated to the Minilouge and are extremely friendly and will answer any question you have.
I honestly think this little thing is gonna last me a long time and the nobs feel fantastic
It's it most difinetly worth the price the only thing I saw that was close to this was the jd-xi but only because of the built in drum machine. Happy I decided to go with the minilogue!
Manufacturer Support
Havenet had to contact support yet
The Wow Factor
I got the polished grey and it looks WAY better than the original. SEXY!
Musical Background:
I don't consider myslef professional but been gigging
Musical Style:
Indie/pop/chillwave former bass player for Hills Like Elephants and Spooky Cigarette out of San Diego
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