Korg GA2 Compact Guitar Tuner

Stow the Korg GA2 tuner in your guitar or bass gig bag and you'll have a reliable, accurate tuner wherever you go!

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Overall: 0.5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted May 6, 2019 by Mark Garner in Metairie, LA

"Look Elsewhere"

Overall: 0.5 out of 5 stars
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My tuner died and I went "el-cheapo" and bought this model because it looked just like my recently deceased DeltaLab model - I figured it would function the same.I was wrong.First off, inserting the batteries is a pain. To put in the batteries you have to slide the entire back panel down about half an inch. This is easier said than done. The little raised ridges on the back for gripping to slide the panel down defy fingernails. You need to wedge a small screwdriver tip into the seam and force the panel back.Once the tuner was up and running I discovered that in guitar mode, the display only registers 6E, 5A, 4D. 3G, 2B & 1E.I am a tuning and intonation nut so I play notes all over the neck to make sure everything is in perfect tune.If you hit a 'C' note, the display reads a 'D' that is flat.WHAT?! Yeah... If you hit an 'F' it shows a sharp 'E'. Forget any exotic open tunings.Aggravating? It's beyond that.For $15 this thing isn't worth returning. I will be buying another tuner and will just keep this as a backup. (I pondered throwing it at the wall but I knew that would only make a mess that I would then have to clean up.)

Musical Background:

Former semi-pro now a stay-at-home jammer.

Musical Style:

Rock, rock & rock.
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