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Jackson Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT7FM Electric Guitar, 7-String

Jackson Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT7FM Electric Guitar, 7-String

With Misha Mansoor's name on this 7-string Jackson axe, you know it's gonna be fast. A graphite-reinforced neck provides stability for effortless shredding.

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Submitted March 13, 2018 by Adam F in Lancaster, WI
"7 String Heaven"
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I loved this guitar from the I played it. I haven't found a single flaw on this guitar and I inspected it thoroughly. This is a very pretty guitar and sounds like a monster.
These pickups are definitely high output. Jackson has made some killer sounding pickups. I was considering changing them before I got the guitar, but will happily leave them in now.
The neck feels great. Kind of a cross between a Jackson and ibanez neck. I have a Jackson Dinky and an Ibanez RG and it is flatter and uniform like the Ibanez but more rounded like a Jackson neck. It has great low action and plays great with 9- 52 guage strings on it. The tuners stay in tune so far in both B standard and drop A. I really like the tone bypass and pickup splitting features as well. All the hardware feels very solid and nothing feels cheap at all. It also came with dunlop strap locks which was a cool surprise.
Ease of Use
This guitar plays so well, even with the fatter 7 string neck I never feel like him straining to reach a note. The cutaways are great and make it very easybtobreach the higher notes on the neck. It's also very comfortable to hold and doesn't feel much heavier than the Schecter 6 string I have.
Quality is top notch. No blemishes, etc and it feels like a guitar worth a lot more than 900 bucks.
Worth every penny.
Manufacturer Support
Haven't ever used Jackson support. Never needed it and I've owned Jackson products for years.
The Wow Factor
This guitar is just amazing to look at. I got it in the charcoal finish, which also has a touch of green and it's the best looking guitar I own. The shape is mean looking and the whole guitar juat screams metal, to me.
Musical Background:
Been playing music for 30 years. Guiatr and singing in bands.
Musical Style:
Rock, metal, alternative
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