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Ibanez SRSC805 Electric Bass, 5-String

Ibanez SRSC805 Electric Bass, 5-String

With an extended upper horn, Mono-Rail bridge and neck-through design, the SRSC805 isn't just a compact, comfortable 5-string bass -- it's a sustain monster.

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Submitted October 13, 2016 by Aaron R
"The playability is crazy good!"
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First off, this bass is sexy! Second, it plays better than it looks! With 3 way EQ, front rear MK-1 Bartaloni, active passive switch, and a 3 way mid switch you can get just about any sound that you want. Bass/Mid boost, treble and blend in the middle, mid switch at 250hz(middle position) gives a real fat funky tone. I was worried about how the Purple Heart fretboard would sound because I've never played on one before, but I've got to say I'm impressed with it. I have 2 other basses with rosewood and maple fretboards, I'd have to say Purple Heart is in the middle as far as brightness and warmth of tone goes. The mono rail v bridge really does its job of isolating the strings, and does it well! I wasn't sure about how the tone would be with it being a neck through because I've played a neck through before, it sounded way too punk rock for me. But with this one it feels balanced, the preamp and pickups can really cut through to the tone you want. The playability is amazing! Mine came with the string action set as low as possible, the strings that come with it are superb(I've have to find out what strings are on this beast), and the cutaway make it so easy to play on the upper octave. As far as weight goes this bass is not heavy. And it's well balanced so if you strapped in and let go of the neck, the neck doesn't drop down. With the bass being light it doesn't take away from the sustain at all so no worries there. Actually the sustain is amazing. It came with a manual, some alan keys to make adjustments to the bridge and trus rod, and an instrument cable(a very very crampy instrument cable, I guess it's there for when you get to excited to play your new bass you forget were your cables are) Overall I'm very happy with this bass. There aren't a lot of reviews out there for it yet, and I ALWAYS check the reviews. But I'm glad I made this gamble without seeing other customers opinions on this bass. I've played higher dollar basses but have never liked the tone and playability as much as this one. If you are interested in getting this bass my "two cents" for you would be, if you like the way it looks, you'll love the way it plays. I guess I'm an Ibanez guy, and it only took 11 years to figure that out....
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Submitted April 1, 2017 by a customer from gmail.com
"srsc 805"
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what can I say, beautiful bass, killer tone, came out the box with low action ready to go! I love this bass!!!!
Musical Background:
playing for 7 years
Musical Style:
gospel, jazz, r&b
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Submitted April 13, 2019 by Dr Glen Davis in College Corner, OH
"An in-depth evaluation of the Ibanez SRSC805 Bass."
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See below.
I own a lot of basses, and many are high dollar-instruments: Warwick Neck-Thru Katana 5 string, Fender American Elite Jazz Bass V, Fender American Elite Precision Bass (IV),1962 Hofner Reissue 500/1, Rickenbacker 4001 Bass. You get the idea. I purchased an Ibanez SRSC805 Bass about a year ago. First, the negatives: When I took it out of the box it looked unfinished (and not just a body without a finish). There was still sawdust in the crevasses of the bass. The natural unfinished wood made the instrument look cheap. There was no sealer, nothing, just raw wood. Two coat of Tung Oil with a good buffing after both coats absolutely made the Burled Poplar and Purple Heart and Maple woods "pop"! Now the bass is beautiful. I tried to setup the instrument to my liking, which is a low action with no fret noise or muted notes. I know exactly how to do this. But the instrument string height above the fretboard could not be set low. The strings buzzed and/or were muted at the first and second frets. Design flaw I imagine. The neck is slightly pitched up from the body of the bass. Want low action? Pitch the neck slightly down from the bass body. The truss rod placement and end-connection at the head of the bass may be flawed. Meaning; the neck is not uniformly adjustable by the Truss Rod. I was frustrated. Ibanez advertises that the SRSC805 has the "fastest action in its class". Whatever that means? Well it does not.But now the good news: The string height above the fretboard can be set to a reasonable clearance that is within professional expectations. It is light and ergonomic, and it sounds magnificent! I have never had a bass that is so very balanced in tone, from string- to-string and at any fret position as the Ibanez SRSC805 is. With most active, five string basses, you set the EQ for a nice full, but clearly articulate low B and E strings. But then the high notes on the D and G strings are thin and metallic sounding and are softer by significant and annoying decibel levels. The Ibanez SRSC805 does not have this annoying trait. The bass has exactly the right mix of clear articulation and "stringy" sounding sustain. I love this bass. And most of my $60,000 worth of bass collections now sits in storage while I and the Ibanez are having a fine-hot time. It is the best sounding bass I own. Get one, live with the flaws. You will not be dissapointed.
Everything is great, except for the neck. The neck is not the same as other SR Basses. The neck needs to be stiffer. The truss rod placement is wrong. The pitch of the neck; up from the body should be changed to a downward pitched neck.
Ease of Use
Fantastic sounding bass! Very ergonomic. WOW!
All of the components are very good. But the instruments has some flaws that could be remedied with design adjustments. Ibanez will probably never read this evaluation of the bass. Too bad. They should listen. The bass could be so very much better.
Manufacturer Support
I have not contacted Ibanez.
The Wow Factor
Once the wood is finished, the instrument is beautiful to look at.
Musical Background:
Doctorate in Music Composition
Musical Style:
Classical, Rock, Jazz, Blue Grass,World Music
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Submitted November 1, 2018 by CRISTIAN F in STAMFORD, CT
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I was considering this bass for about 6 months before I purchased it and my only regret is not purchasing it earlier. The tone and sound quality are amazing, the on bass eq comes in handy every time I pick it up, its not to heavy and the design and finish are beautiful.
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Musical Style:
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Submitted March 6, 2016 by Jip Williams in Austin, TX
"Sustain Monster Is Right"
MONSTER OF SUSTAIN. I bought one of these mamma jammas a while back and let me tell you about the SUZZTAIN this baby packs a wallop. It's like the Loch Ness Monster of sustain. It's like the Frankenstein's Monster of sustain. If it were an attorney, its objection would be sustained.
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