Ibanez SML721 Multi-scale Electric Guitar

With an innovative multi-scale design for ideal string tension, this super-playable S-series axe boasts a 5-piece Wizard neck and Ibanez's Q58 humbuckers.


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    5 out of 5 stars
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    5 out of 5 stars
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    5 out of 5 stars
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    5 out of 5 stars
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    5 out of 5 stars
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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted October 2, 2023 by a customer from

"Elegant, Comfortable, Stable"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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This guitar's features are seemingly endless. I have several other Ibanez S series guitars that have floating tremolo's but have been wanting a S series with a fixed bridge for a while. The bridge is not only beautiful but offers unsurpassed tuning and intonation stability. It is also surprisingly comfortable for my right hand which is so used to the other bridges like the edge. This is the second guitar I own that has the Gotoh locking tuners, of which I have become a huge fan and believe they should be standard on all Ibanez guitars. The neck is thin and fast for shredders but still very comfortable and natural for other styles. The 5 position pickup switch along with the power tap toggle offers 10 different pickup combinations for ten different sounds. I have another Ibanez that has this feature with 9 combinations from 3 pickups. I wasn't really expecting anything more from this guitar and its 2 pickups... I was wrong. I have never played with these pickups so I had no real expectations but they sound amazing. I get great sounds for rock, metal, blues, funk etc... These pickups are without a doubt the clearest when using distortion in any of my guitars. They have no problem with heavy guitar sounds and really shine when I back off the distortion for a dirty blues sound. I also had to look at the diagram on Ibanez' website to know which pickup or split pickup combinations are activated in different switch positions as they are not the combinations I'm familiar with on my other guitars. They are all usable for different guitar parts or songs and I have used 6 of them in one instrumental. The multi-scale neck is a first for me and as I have read from other players, there was really no having to get familiar with something new. It felt natural the first time I played it and in fact, over several hours, the slant seems to disappear and funny enough when I picked up another guitar after a couple days of playing this, the standard straight frets seemed to be leaning in the opposite direction (an optical illusion from the brain over correcting). Changing the strings on this guitar (after years of playing floating bridge styles) takes a fraction of the time with the locking tuners and the no fuss bridge to adjust every time. This is quickly becoming my first choice regardless of the style of music I'm about to play because it is quick, easy, stable and handles any amp or Fx settings equally as well as any of my other guitars that I would normally choose for a specific style. Guitar aesthetics will always be an attraction to each individual but function over form is to me the deciding factor and this guitar, IMO, is as beautiful as it is functional.
The sound, both clean and distorted, are clear and not muddy. All the notes of a chord are distinguishable.
The bridge is genius in it's simplicity. Each string saddle is mounted independently to the body so bending one string has no effect on the others. Anyone who is familiar with floating bridges or any bridge with a tremolo knows that, if you bend one string the bridge reacts and lowers the tone of the other strings and even the bent string itself which then needs to be compensated for and bent a little further to hit the targeted note.
Ease of Use
This guitar fell naturally into place with all my amps' settings and effects. I also set some things unique to this guitar and its pickups that compliment its 10 switch capabilities.
The guitar is lighter than...say... my S1070PBZ due in part to less hardware but in no way feels cheap.
Having played this guitar for many hours now, I absolutely believe it is well within the price range I would expect for the quality.
Manufacturer Support
I did contact Ibanez for the first time in my life concerning this guitar. It was nothing major just a miner cosmetic thing. They replied to me immediately, were very friendly and professional. They sent new parts at their expense and I had them in a couple days. I am glad to know that the company I've so loyally championed for decades is everything one would hope. Thanks Tod.
The Wow Factor
The Rose Gold Chameleon isn't my favorite color but having it in person looks much nicer than the pictures. Having it under different light sources is fun to watch the colors change depending on the angle from which it's viewed. Also the gold hardware and frets give it an elegant look.
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