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Ibanez RGIXL7 Iron Label Electric Guitar, 7-String

Ibanez RGIXL7 Iron Label Electric Guitar, 7-String

Get serious about metal with an Ibanez RGIXL7 Iron Label 7-string -- its solid build, massive tone, and no-frills design make it a stage-worthy battle axe.

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Submitted July 30, 2020 by Jon S in Novinger, MO
"Excellent extended range 7 string"
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Just received this today and thought I'd offer a review since there aren't any yet.It looks amazing, much better than the photos. The flat black is very nice. Quality of construction is very good. No issues with finish. Fret work is good, could be a little smoother on the edges, but definitely comfortable to play. The only cosmetic issues I experienced were a few chips to the black coating on the pickup hex poles probably from adjustment at the factory. Very minor though.The nitro wizard neck is incredibly thin and flat, much more so than I was anticipating, but very comfortable to play for me, a bonus in my opinion. There were no noticeable tool marks on the fretboard, which was a plus for sure. Action from the factory was very good, though it did come set up and tuned to B standard, not A standard like the description. Not an issue for me though, as I planned on tuning to drop A. The 27 inch scale length, string through, and reverse headstock all compliment a low A nicely with the factory 0.059 set of strings. I like looser strings though, so your experience may be different.Just a couple notes, the body in the 2020 model is nyatoh not ash, and the fretboard is ebony not macassar.I'm playing mostly high gain, so the lack of tone knob is no issue for me. Would have rather seen the coil split incorporated as a push pull pot instead of the separate switch, but just a minor thing.Now, the pickups are the only thing I feel is a little lackluster in this guitar. Very dark, scooped sounding. Which out of the box seems a little muddy and lacking clarity. A little fiddling with amp settings and using an eq to boost the upper mids a touch and it sounds much better however. A gentle boost in the 3-5khz region really seems to balance out the sound for a more modern tone, and give it some extra presence and clarity.Overall it's a great guitar, and I would recommend it if you're looking for an extended range 7 string in the sub $1k range. Don't let the MII fool you, it's very nice for the price.
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Recording artist, mix engineer
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Industrial Metal
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